How to Recover Deleted videos

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Date Published: 1 November 2023 9:42:45 AM

How to Recover Deleted videos

How to recover deleted videos

Imagine a situation in which you have accidentally deleted your precious birthday video off of your hard drive or your business video project is nowhere to be found on your USB stick. What do you do? Panic?

Thankfully not! With a powerful data recovery software, you have every chance of recovering your accidentally deleted videos.

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How to recover deleted videos from the trash?

When you delete videos stored on your PC or computer, the deleted files go directly to the trash. At this point, you can still easily recover your videos. To do this, right-click on the video placed in the trash and click on "restore". This recovery principle remains the same on laptops.


Recovering video from CCTVHow to recover deleted video surveillance?

In this day and age, video surveillance has become very popular with both professionals and private individuals. Whether your video surveillance is IP, analog, wired or WIFI there is always a risk of data loss.

A hardware failure or a software bug is enough to erase all of your stored data. If you are in a situation where your video surveillance has been deleted, it is always possible to try restoring erased videos using powerful data recovery software such as Ontrack EasyRecovery, or via expert CCTV recovery services.


recovering deleted videos from a phoneHow do I recover a deleted video from my phone?

If you have stored videos on your mobile that have been accidentally deleted, you should consider downloading Ontrack EasyRecovery. This data recovery software tool will allow you to recover deleted videos from your smartphone.

If you do have important videos stored on your mobile phone, don’t hesitate to do backups on a regularly occasion. Make it a habit to perform backups regular, this will ensure that your data is safe in the event of data loss from a virus, physical damage or accidental deletion.


How to recover your deleted videos in 3 easy steps.

Ontrack EasyRecovery is a high performance data recovery software that has many advantages. This easy to use software is proven to be highly effective and allows you to recover your deleted videos in just three easy steps. Before starting the recovery operation, make sure that your media is recognised by a computer:


Step 1 - Start by connecting your media and running the software.

Download the Ontrack EasyRecovery software. Connect your phone and run the software. The tool will provide a list of icons that correspond to the different media that can be recovered from. Choose the media that represents your own. Note the recovery software is only effective on a media recognized by a computer. If your media is not recognized by your computer, you will need to send your media to the experts at Ontrack who will perform a laboratory data recovery.



Step 2: Scan your device

Select the destination to which you would like to save your recovered files to. Confirm this and the software will start the analysis of your media.


Step 3 - Recover your videos.

At the end of the scan, all of your recoverable files will be listed in green. Select the videos you want to recover and save them to your chosen destination.






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