Ontrack performs hard drive data recovery from any make, model, brand or operating system. We have experience with all types of data loss.

For 30 years we have remained the world leader for recovering from all types of data loss. Let the experts at Ontrack help you get your data back.

Hard drive recovery: the Ontrack difference

Here are some examples of media and hard drives that we recover data from every day:


Support Types





Fiber Channel





Hard drive brands







Hitachi GST


Western Digital

Can't see your hard drive listed? Don't worry; Ontrack can recover from any type or brand of hard drive.


Our hard drive data recovery success

What’s your success rate? It’s one of the most common questions a data recovery company will be asked. Unfortunately data recovery is not a regulated industry so there are many interpretations of ‘success rate’ and a huge number of varying claims.

Some companies define ’success’ as the ability to read any amount of data from your failed drive (which may not contain any useful data), and others will exclude unrecoverable cases from their statistics. When it comes to data recovery, every case is unique and while many customers will enjoy a full recovery, some are inevitably unrecoverable.

Ontrack has successfully performed over half a million data recoveries. We base our success purely on recovering the data that’s most important to our customers and have a ‘no data, no fee’ policy. Equipped with first-class facilities and over thirty years’ experience, starting your hard drive data recovery with Ontrack is the best chance for your data.

Start now your recovery

Send us your failed hard drive and receive a free data recovery evaluation report and quote within 24 hours** Free shipping* provided.


From $550 to $1,485*

  • Maximum price guarantee
  • Recovery: 7-10 business days
  • All inclusive pricing


From $880 to $1,760*

  • Maximum price guarantee
  • Free 4 hour evaluation
  • Recovery: 2-3 business day


From $2,475 to $4,950*

  • Maximum price guarantee
  • $550 emergency evaluation
  • 24/7 until completion

**For single HDDs/SSDs up to 4TB
*Free shipping for items up to 3kg
*$330 surcharge for drives over 4TB

We can get your data back

Whether it is the nature, severity or circumstance of the data loss, we understand that no two recoveries are the same.

Your dedicated data recovery specialist will work with you to determine the best course of action for your hard drive recovery.

Expert data recovery services

The data recovery process.

From initial consultation to ongoing support, more businesses and consumers choose Ontrack Data Recovery solutions and software in any data loss situation – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic.

Hard drive data recovery services

Trust Ontrack, the global leader in data recovery, to get your lost data back.

Any hard drive

We can recover data from any make or model of hard drive. If your drive is inside a laptop, desktop or RAID, we'll let you know if it can be removed first or if you need to send us the whole system to us.

Any situation

We can recover from all types of data loss, including deletion, reformatting, electronics failure, physical damage, water or fire damage, viruses, corruption and much more. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Any time

After over 30 years of data recovery expertise, we know that data loss doesn't wait for a good time. That's why we offer a range of service levels to help you recover lost data 24/7/365.

Hard drive mechanical failure services

Mechanical failures

If your hard drive is not working or is making clicking or grinding noise, it is experiencing a mechanical failure. This could be due to a head crash or motor failure.

Mechanical failures require a cleanroom environment in order to open the hard drive without causing further data loss. Contact us today to discuss the best recovery options for you.

Logical failures

If your hard drive is working, but you cannot access some or all of your files, then it likely to be experiencing a logical failure. This could be due to a lost partition or accidental reformatting of the drive.

Common logical data loss issues include file deletion, corruption, or file directory damage from a virus or malicious program. If your hard drive is still recognised, you can try using our Ontrack EasyRecovery software to get your data back before sending your device to us.

Learn more about DIY recovery
DIY data recovery software

24 hour data recovery evaluation

Free hard drive evaluations for businesses

Fast, free and no obligation.

You'll receive the evaluation result and a fixed price quote within 24 hours of receiving the media at our labs. Request your free collection and start your recovery now:

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Signs of hard drive failure

There can be numerous warning signs of a failing hard drive. You may be able to identify them even before you lose your data. These are some of the most common signs:

  • Recurring computer freezing or crashing
  • Disappearing or inaccessible data
  • Hard drive underperforming
  • Boot freezing or disk errors
  • Abnormal heating or noises.

We recommend taking preventative steps to lower the risk of your hard drive failing initially.



Ensure your hard drive has sufficient ventilation to keep cool and doesn’t accumulate dust. You can do this by keeping your computer in an open area that is regularly cleaned.



Power surges pose a big risk to electrical items. Make sure you use a surge protector and keep your computer or hard drive unplugged when it’s not in use. This will help avoid electrical damage.


Clean data

Keep your hard drive clean by keeping your files sorted and by running routine cleaning and defragmenting programs.

Tips for increasing data recovery success


Power Off

Turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage. If the drive continues to operate, you may risk further physical damage to the drive or permanent data loss.


Water damage

Do not dry out your hard drive. Corrosion to the media begins with drying and increases loss of data. Follow these instructions for your wet device and send it to us as soon as possible.


Strange noises

Turn off the power. Clicking or grinding noises indicate that the drive might have crashed. This can cause permanent, unrecoverable damage to your files if the drive continues to run.



Deleted or reformatted

Whether it was an accidental delete, reformat or if your files have gone missing, our DIY data recovery software could help. Download a free trial of the software for a list of recoverable files. If your files can be found, simply purchase the full licence to download the data.

What do you do when your hard drive isn't detected?

Sometimes data storage devices, hard drives, memory cards or USB sticks are not recognised by the operating system, making it impossible to access professional or personal data.

Here is some essential advice about what to do when a drive is not recognised.


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