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As an Ontrack Premium Partner, start generating data recovery awareness, producing leads and increasing customer activity and loyalty.

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Click below to contact our team and start reselling a new data recovery on behalf of your customer. You'll get a discount off the recovery quote, which is your recommended margin when quoting your customer.

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If you'd rather refer your customers to us, simply ask them to call Ontrack directly on 01372 741999 and we'll take care of the rest.

You'll receive a commission for each successful recovery you refer. Just make sure your customer mentions your Partner ID* or company name when calling us.

*Don't know your Ontrack Partner ID? Contact our Partnership Team for more information.

Training materials

Whether you’ve just joined us or want to refresh your knowledge, check out these training materials for Ontrack Data Recovery services.

How the process works

As a Premium Partner, you are entitled to commissions and discounts when using our data recovery services. Make sure you know how the process works by reviewing this infographic.

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Customer service training

This quick guide shows you how to address frequently asked questions and common misunderstandings when discussing data recovery with your customers.

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Recovery capabilities

Find out what types of data recovery services you can offer your customers and what storage devices/data loss situations you can help recover lost data from.

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Promotional collateral

Use the following resources to promote data recovery services online and in store:

Premium Partner logo

Display the Premium Partner logo on your website or social media channels to show your official partnership with Ontrack, the world leaders in data recovery.

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Store poster

Print and put up this poster in your store to let your customers that you offer data recovery services and can help them get their lost data back.

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Need something else?

We can help you with all of your data recovery promotional needs. Whether you need point-of-sale collateral or a co-branded info sheet, get in touch and let us know what you need!

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Burnt hard drive

Storage media images

Use these stock images to promote data recovery services on your website or social media channels.

Choose from a range of images to show your clients that you can help them recover from any device or data loss situation.

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Display a banner and start earning

Use our animated website banners to increase data recovery referrals from your website or blog.

It’s simple - click below to download the banner pack and upload your chosen banner(s) to your website. For the image URL, use the following link and replace the red, bold text with your Partner ID, so all of your referrals can be tracked. Please ensure there are no trailing spaces before or after your ID number and that the link structure is not changed:

When your website visitors click on a banner and request a quote, your details will be recorded with it. If the customer goes ahead with the recovery, you will automatically receive a referral commission!

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Ontrack Premium Partner
Ontrack Premium Partner
Ontrack Premium Partner

Data management solutions

Offer more than just data recovery services.

As a Premium Partner, you can help your customers manage their whole data lifecycle with our suite of data management solutions. With our solutions, you can easily start expanding your service portfolio and increasing your revenues. You can choose to resell our solutions directly to your customers or offer them as part of a managed service.

Ontrack PowerControls

Search, manage and restore Microsoft Exchange data quickly and effectively. Also available for SharePoint and SQL Server.

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Erasure software solutions

State-of-the-art erasure software to securely and thoroughly sanitise any media type before reusing, reselling or recycling.

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Ontrack Eraser Degausser

Completely destroy end of life magnetic media such as hard drives and tapes with our certified hardware solution.

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Your Partnership Team

Got a question? Need some assistance? We're here to help!

Our UK team are based in Epsom, Surrey and are here to help you make the best out of being a Premium Partner, including:

  • Assisting with any enquiries related to the Premium Partner Programme or the data recovery process
  • Helping you identify opportunities for data recovery promotion
  • Analysing local business trends to help you increase your revenues
  • Sending point-of-sale collateral to your store
  • Providing training and support for all Ontrack products and services
  • Updating your company contact information

Contact us today:

Email us +44 (0)1372 741 999
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