Ensure total data erasure from hard drives and other magnetic media with our data destruction hardware solution.

Our degausser gives you peace of mind that your sensitive information has been completely destroyed.

Complete peace of mind

Developed as a total data destruction solution, the Ontrack® Eraser Degausser is a DIY hardware solution for large volumes of damaged or end of life magnetic media.

Our solution gives you peace of mind that your sensitive information has been completely destroyed.

Benefits of the Ontrack Eraser Degausser


Destroys 100% of data with a powerful 18,000 gauss magnetic field.


Each storage device takes four seconds to process.


Completely destroys all magnetic devices, even if they are damaged.

Ontrack Eraser Degausser

Key features

  •  Standalone reporting module
  •  Fully integrates with the Erase Management Console
  •  Erase a drive every four seconds; up to 250 drives per hour
  •  Securely erases both hard drives and tapes
  •  Devices rendered completely inoperable after use
  •  One year warranty (or max 20,000 cycles) included as standard
  •  Flight case included
  •  Remote control included
  •  Does not overheat

Dimensions: 455mm x 702mm x 268mm
Weight: 72kg

Data Destruction FAQs

Data Destruction FAQs

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