Recovering data around the world since 1985

Ontrack is the data recovery and data destruction business of KLDiscovery, a global provider of eDiscovery, information governance and data recovery solutions. At the core, we understand that data is the lifeblood of your business.

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Ontrack - the data recovery experts

Data recovery solutions

With cleanroom facilities worldwide and engineering expertise in every major global region, you can count on Ontrack for all your data recovery, restoration and destruction needs.

Utilising the dedication of a strong team of research and development experts, Ontrack has developed hundreds of proprietary solutions over the past 30 years to recover data from tapes, hard drives, solid state drives, flash media, mobile devices, virtual environments, operating systems and a myriad of other storage devices. We serve our clients through in lab, remote and DIY capabilities that meet the direct needs of consumers, businesses and governments. We also offer custom solutions to address complex, high-end enterprise environments and newly emerging technologies.

Ediscovery and consulting solutions

Through the KLDiscovery brand, we offer advanced eDiscovery technologies and consultative expertise that span the discovery process and the globe. Leveraging innovative solutions and a highly consultative approach, we help clients navigate the rigours of data management relating to litigation, investigations and regulatory demands.

Over the last 20 years, we have pioneered and developed many of the advanced technologies that define the eDiscovery industry, including, our proprietary review technology that integrates our exclusive predictive coding and nearline capabilities. KLDiscovery additionally offers Relativity, a leading review platform by kCura, with integrated nearline technology and customised workflows.