Company History

Ontrack began its journey in 1985 in the software industry. The first product produced by Ontrack was the Disk Manager®, a software programme that made the process of installing a computer hard disk much easier. The software’s success led the company into the business of recovering data from damaged hard disk drives, resulting in the formation of Ontrack Data Recovery in 1987.    

As the demand for data recovery services grew, the company evolved in size, product and service offerings and expertise. Today, the company performs an average of 50,000 data recoveries annually across a wide arrange of media types (hard drives, servers, RAID, tape, email, SSD/flash, mobile). 

The Ontrack Timeline


Pivotal Acquisition Corp, merges with KLDiscovery to become a publicly listed company.


Ontrack opens new facilities in Poland, the UK and Minnesota dedicated to smartphone and tablet recovery services. Ontrack and Kingston Technologies form strategic alliance to offer the best and most advanced data erasure solutions to businesses and individuals. 


The company rebrands as KLDiscovery. The launch of the new KLDiscovery brand and new logos symbolizesthe company’s dedication to bringing the absolute best eDiscovery and data recovery solutions to its clients. Ontrack, a KLDiscovery business, is the global market leader in data recovery, email extraction and restoration, data destruction and tape management. Ontrack announces new release of Ontrack EasyRecovery with enhanced features for Windows and MacOS.


KLDiscovery acquires Kroll Ontrack, creating one of the largest eDiscovery providers in the world. The company acquires Elite Document Solutions. 


Kroll Ontrack offers businesses a fast and easy solution to manage the erasure process with the launch of a hosted erase solution


Kroll announces appointment of Mark R. Williams as President of Kroll Ontrack


Kroll Ontrack fundamentally changes SQL Server table restores with the launch of Ontrack PowerControls for SQL 


Kroll Ontrack and Blancco form strategic alliance to offer expanded data erasure solutions


The world's leading Microsoft Exchange® & SharePoint® management tool, Ontrack PowerControls, is updated to version 7.


Kroll Ontrack releases leading software eraser tool, Ontrack Eraser 4.


Kroll Ontrack launches Ontrack EasyRecovery 10.


Kroll Ontrack appoints Dean Hager as company CEO.


Kroll Ontrack enters the Electronic Disclosure Software-as-a-Service market with Verve. 


Kroll Ontrack launches its Internal Audit & Compliance Review service, helping organisations to proactively mitigate the risks associated with regulatory compliance with technology which assists with the early detection of wrong doing such as corrupt practices or anti-competitive behavior. 


International screening and security solutions company Altegrity Inc. acquires Kroll inc., the parent company of Kroll Ontrack, from Marsh & McLennan (MMC). 


Kroll Ontrack acquires TrialGraphix, Inc., leading provider of trial consulting and presentation services, to enable law firms and corporations to engage one expert for their litigation consulting and technology needs from pre-litigation preparedness, through disclosure and trial. 


Kroll Ontrack launches its electronically stored information (ESI) consulting practice to help corporations and outside counsel navigate through technical intricacies and legal standards associated with the accessibility of electronically stored information and other technical issues relating to electronic disclosure. 


Kroll Ontrack acquires Norway's Ibas Holdings, a provider of data recovery, data erasure and computer forensics services and Engenium Corporation, owners of patented conceptual search technology. 


Marsh & McLennan (MMC) acquires Kroll in Q2 2004.


Kroll Inc. acquires Quorum Litigation Services, a leading litigation support company. The integration of Kroll Ontrack’s longstanding expertise in electronic evidence with Quorum's longstanding expertise in the handling of paper-based documents gives legal professionals faster, easier and more cost-effective document disclosure and management solutions from a single, unified source. 


Kroll Inc. acquires Oyez Legal Technologies Limited, the U.K market leader in litigation support and legal information management services, from the OyezStraker Group Limited. Kroll Ontrack begins to offer full service Legal Technologies solutions to the U.K.


Kroll Inc. acquires Ontrack and forms a new wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll named Kroll Ontrack Inc., creating Kroll Inc.'s "Technology Services Group." Under TSG, Kroll Inc. markets its electronic disclosure and computer forensics services under the brand name "Kroll Ontrack" and markets the data recovery software and services under the brand name "Ontrack Data Recovery."


Ontrack assists an AmLaw Top 200 law firm with an antitrust merger investigation, using newly developed data filtering, keyword searching and deduplication technology. This e-discovery project involved a wide array of operating systems, email packages and software applications from over 200 data custodians and resulted in 4.3 million pages of potentially responsive documents. Ontrack’s e-disclosure services are formally launched. 


Ontrack successfully recovers a corporation's data that was lost when a former employee launched a computer "time bomb" into the company's technology infrastructure. Ontrack’s data recovery experts forensically investigated the source of the computer time bomb and offered expert testimony in a court of law. Ontrack formally launches what is now known as its computer forensics business group. 


Ontrack forms an alliance with Y-E Data, bringing data recovery services to Japan. Ontrack also begins offering electronic evidence services as it receives requests from attorneys, law enforcement agencies and investigators to perform data recovery services to recover deleted information from computers while, at the same time, keeping a chain-of-custody record. 


Ontrack’s data recovery services expand into Europe. 


Ontrack was founded in 1985 by three former Control Data Corporation employees - Michael Rogers (CEO), John Pence (President), and Gary Stevens (VP of Engineering).

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