Expert data management services for IBM® storage solutions.

We provide IBM customers with world-leading data recovery services, archive tape solutions and granular Exchange restoration software.

Exchange software Data recovery

Ontrack and IBM.

Ontrack has over 30 years of experience working with IBM data storage products, and has developed hundreds of proprietary software tools to recover lost or inaccessible data from any IBM system.

Our expert data recovery services, tape solutions and software products help organizations recover, manage and search data alongside IBM solutions such as IBM Spectrum Protect® and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus®.

IBM Data Recovery

Microsoft Exchange Restoration

Ontrack PowerControls™.

Powerful granular search and restore capabilities for IBM Spectrum Protect, and Spectrum Protect Plus users.

Ontrack PowerControls lets you search, recover and restore individual mailboxes, messages and attachments without needing to restore the entire backup. No matter whether your data resides within an .EDB, a .PST file or on backup tapes, you can rapidly find the custodian data you need for eDiscovery and compliance.

Ontrack PowerControls integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus backup solutions and provides granular restoration capabilities for any version of Microsoft Exchange. Also available for SharePoint and SQL Server.

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Data recovery for IBM systems.

We can recover lost or inaccessible data from any IBM enterprise storage solution, including flash arrays, hybrid storage, SAN and tape storage.

Here is an example of some of the IBM data storage devices we can recover data from:

All-flash storageHybrid storageTape storage
FlashSystem 5000FlashSystem 5000HAll LTO Ultrium tape variants
FlashSystem 5200FlashSystem 5100H with NVMe 
FlashSystem 7200FlashSystem 7200H with NVMe 
FlashSystem 9200  
FlashSystem 9200R 

If you don’t see your IBM product listed, don’t worry, we can still recover data from it. We can work with any IBM device in any configuration.


IBM Data Recovery Case Studies

Check out the latest recoveries from IBM systems!

Why trust Ontrack?

Ontrack is the world’s leading data recovery provider. We provide our customers with the highest potential for data recovery success, incomparable customer service and competitive pricing.

Ontrack is the industry leader worldwide with 19 labs and over 120 engineers throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This significant global infrastructure ensures a secure standard for data recovery that meets our customer’s needs worldwide.

We can help you recover from almost any data loss situation, including:

  • Deleted files from LUNs or iSCSI volumes
  • Deleted storage pools
  • Formatted/overwritten LUNs
  • File system corruption
  • Deleted or corrupted virtual disks
  • HDD, SSD, RAID and tape media failures
  • Deleted volumes/LUNs
  • Cyberattacks and ransomware
Trust the data recovery experts

Data recovery methods.

Each data recovery scenario is unique, so you can customize your IBM data recovery to meet the needs of your business.

One of our data recovery engineers will quickly diagnose your data loss and help you determine which method is right for you. Once the data loss event has been analyzed, our team of engineers are usually able to leverage our Remote Data Recovery service to virtually rebuild volume and RAID groups to recover missing or corrupted data from your IBM system. Other recovery options are below.


In-lab Services

Our advanced cleanroom facilities increase the amount of data which can be recovered from damaged media. We perform any data recovery where the media needs to be opened in our secure cleanroom environment to avoid further contamination and recover the maximum amount of data possible.


Remote Data Recovery

Your data is recovered remotely without your media ever leaving your premises. We connect to your system via the Internet to perform a live recovery. Only available when the system is still operational and not physically damaged.

Onsite Services

If your data is too sensitive to leave your location, or you want to outsource the service, we can help. We provide secure data destruction on site for any type of device. We can also dispose of the media for you and provide an erasure report for audit and compliance.


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