Premium Partner Program

Upgrade to a Premium Partner subscription to get exclusive benefits, pricing and support for data recovery services.

As a Premium Partner, you can benefit from a range of exclusive pricing and discounts for data recovery, plus access to a state of the art software tool.


Why upgrade?

As a Premium Partner, you will receive exclusive benefits that standard Authorised Partners do not have access to.

You can choose a subscription option to match your business needs and desired level of commitment. Both options provide an opportunity to increase your revenues from data recovery and add on sales.

Subscription options

Gray- Premium Partner 1- Premium Reseller

Premium Reseller

As a Premium Reseller Partner, you can benefit from exclusive fixed pricing and discounts for data recovery, and access to a powerful DIY software tool.

For a small annual subscription, you'll receive a copy of our Ontrack EasyRecovery software to perform simple data recovery work yourself. When the software cannot solve the problem, you'll get fixed, heavily discounted pricing when sending the device to us.

Gray- Premium Partner 1- Premium Referral

Premium Referral

If you’d rather refer customers to Ontrack, becoming a Premium Referral Partner will give you increased commissions, all for a minimal commitment. 

It’s free to join, and as part of the programme you will be provided with tools to promote data recovery services online. We’ll take care of your customers for you, and you’ll receive a higher rate of commission for each successful data recovery job you refer.

Premium Partner testimonials

Premium Partner testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our Premium Partners have to say.

“The Premium Partnership has already been beneficial for my customer, whose hard drive had experienced an unexpected failure. With your software's assistance, I've managed to recover their data, which in turn has provided a greater level of trust in continuing to do business with me. I have also received further enquiries from other customers looking for this same service. Thanks to your Premium Partnership, I am now able to provide this service to my customers.”

– Kevin Williams, KJW Limited


Interested in joining?

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