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Protecting your data on USB sticks

Over the years, USB memory sticks have improved in many ways: smaller size, larger storage and faster than ever before. However, they do have one major downside: they are very easy to lose! Read More

Tape: the ultimate storage solution?

The use of tape for long-term archiving is one of the most reliable. However, some companies face the prospect of not being able to access their tape-stored data due to them having removed their tape reading hardware.Read More

How to keep devices cool and why it matters

The use of cooling systems is prominent in many aspects of our day to day lives, we’re just not really aware of it! We need to cool lots of everyday things down in order for them to work properly. For example, our cars use water (usually mixed with antifreeze) to cool the engine. To explain on a very basic level, as cool water is passed through a hot car engine, …Read More