Lost data? We specialise in recovering data From all devices.

We have been recovering data for over 30 years. We can recover data from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, NAS, servers or RAIDs and more. Contact us for a free consultation!

We can recover data from these devices

Hard drive












Expert server recovery?

Hardware failures, human errors, missing data, malware, cyber attacks and natural disasters. We've seen it all.

Ontrack engineers have experience with many different storage technologies and can successfully recover data from the oldest to the most recent NASSAN, DAS, SDS or server environments on the market.

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Expert server data recovery

USB Media

Expert SD card and USB recovery

If you've lost data on a flash drive, memory card, SD card or any portable storage device, you can contact us for a free consultation.

Memory Card Recovery

Why choose Ontrack Hong Kong?


Total recoveries and counting


Recoveries per year


Years of experience

3 service options

We offer 3 service options depending on how fast you need your data returned.

Prices depend on recovery speed. Contact us for a fixed price.


5-7 business days


2-4 business days


24/7 until completion

Please note: these are average turnaround times and can vary depending on the severity of the situation, quantity of data and data transfer speeds.

Data recovery process

Four straightforward steps to get your lost data back.



Contact us for a free phone consultation. We will work with you to determine the most cost-effective recovery solution and service level based on your specific needs.



Within 24 hours of receiving your device, our engineers will inspect your device for free. You will receive a fixed price quote for the recovery work, including an overview of service levels and timeframes.


With your approval, our expert engineers will recover your data using proprietary tools and techniques. The recovery time will depend on your chosen service level and the complexity of the work involved.


Once your data has been recovered, we’ll send it back to you on a brand new external hard drive, which is encrypted for security and shipped via next day delivery.

Frequently asked questions


Are there any hidden evaluation costs?

The entire evaluation process is free and we target a 24 hour turnaround for the initial report.

What will the free report include?

The free evaluation report will provide you with an estimate (%) of data we expect to recover, along with a fixed price for the recovery work.


How long does the recovery take?

You can choose how fast you want your data back. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive an estimated turnaround time.


How will my data be returned?

We will return your recovered data on a brand new external hard drive, which is shipped to you free of charge. We can also return your failed device, or securely dispose of it for you.

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Step 1

Device Type
Step 2

Data Loss Reason
Step 3

Details & Evaluation

What type of device do you need data recovery for?

What is the main reason for your data loss?

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