Becoming a Ontrack Partner

To become a Ontrack Partner (“Partner”), simply:

Refer your customers directly to a Ontrack sales representative under the Customer Referral Option or contact Ontrack under the Partner Discount Option for each project.

These terms do not govern all relationships between Partner and its customers but only those that meet the criteria set out below.

Process for referring a project - customer referral option.

  • If you are not already a Partner, sign up to obtain your unique partner registration number.
  • Contact a Ontrack sales representativeand provide them with the end user contact information and your Partner registration number or your company name. Alternatively, ask your customers to contact Ontrack directly and mention your details.
  • Ontrack will be solely responsible for managing the sales cycle with your customers, and will contract directly with your customer.  You agree to not present proposed contracts or pricing to the introduced customer for the services, or be engaged in the sales cycle, unless requested by Ontrack.
  • Referral fees on product or services provided to customer are payable net 45 calendar days to the Partner from the end of the quarter in which Ontrack receives payment from the customer.
  • Ontrack will contact you requesting an invoice for the referral fee, Partner will then have 6 months in which to provide an invoice. Where Partner fails to provide the invoice within this time, no referral fee will be payable.

Process for reselling a project - Ontrack partner discount option.

  • If you are not already a Partner, sign up to obtain your unique Partner registration number.
  • Contact a Ontrack sales representativeand provide them with your Partner registration number.
  • Ontrack will contract directly with the Partner.
  • The discount on product or services will be applied at the invoice level.  Timely payment of invoices by Partner is required to retain standing in Ontrack’s Partner Program.

Exclusions & Limitations

Exclusions and limitations to the program:

  • No commission fee is payable by Ontrack for projects which cannot be identified by Partner’s registration number or company name.
  • A referral fee or discount applies to the first six months of invoices only for a referred project.
  • If a customer contacts Ontrack direct before a referral by Partner, then no commission fee is payable by Ontrack to the Partner for the referred project.
  • Partner’s pass-through costs, including but not limited to, media, freight and related charges are not refundable by Ontrack.
  • Contracts must be agreed by customer within 180 days of the referral. As a general rule no commission fee is payable by Ontrack for projects that have been agreed after 180 days of the referral.  Partner may request an extension to the 180 day period for the referral and subsequent payment of commission, however, any extension to the time period and payment of commission will be at Ontrack’s sole discretion.
  • Sums for which Ontrack must seek collection remedies will be discounted and/or paid pro rate based upon the payments secured.
  • No referral fees are payable on reopened jobs with extended work.
  • Unless a referral has occurred for customer’s future project, no referral fees are payable by Ontrack for all future direct contracts between the referred customer and Ontrack.
  • Project refusal is at Ontrack’s sole discretion, grounds for refusal include but are not limited to projects from:
    • Existing Ontrack customers;
    • Entities currently in negotiations with Ontrack to become customers; and
    • Customers who are involved in a matter that creates a potential conflict for Ontrack and/or its other customers.
  • Blancco erasure licences and subscriptions are excluded from the program.
  • Data migration projects are excluded from the program.
  • Document review projects are excluded from the program.

Other Conditions

  • Law firms do not qualify as partners for the program.
  • Ontrack shall have sole discretion in granting partner registration.
  • Ontrack can revoke partner status immediately at any time and retains the right to discontinue the program.
  • Ontrack retains the right to determine any terms on which it may provide its services to customers.
  • Rules governing this partner program are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be posted on the Ontrack website.