Data Recovery [en-HK]

What is a clean room?

June 27, 2024

By definition, a clean room is a space in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Air quality, temperature and humidity are rigorously regulated and controlled in order to avoid Read more

November 08, 2023

Data Term Glossary

Active data Active data is information residing on the direct access storage media of computer systems, which is readily visible to the operating system and/or application software with which it was...

November 03, 2023

Why does Ontrack have the world’s best technology in data recovery?

We are the oldest data recovery company Ontrack began its journey in 1985 in the software industry. The first product produced by Ontrack was the Disk Manager®, a software programme that made the...

August 28, 2022

Data Recovery 101: Logical Data Loss or Physical Data Loss?

Now that you’ve thoroughly explored the details of your data loss scenario, it’s time to diagnose which type of data loss has occurred. Logical Data Loss This Samsung Galaxy S8 was run over by a...

August 28, 2022

Data Recovery 101: Improving Your Chances of a Successful Data Recovery

This is the finale of Ontrack’s Data Recovery 101 training series, a collection of blog posts designed to help identify device failures and data loss scenarios that may need professional data...

August 28, 2022

The World's First Data Recovery

Almost 30 years have gone by since KLDiscovery performed the world’s first successful commercial data recovery. How this significant milestone was reached can be traced back to 1985, when a company...

August 28, 2022

Data recovery - step by step

So what is the process of data recovery? A bit like recreating a loaf of bread from a kilogram of breadcrumbs. When we received the disk drive from the US space shuttle Columbia (the American space...

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