When your device comes into contact with water, it can cause significant damage resulting in data loss. Whether you’ve dropped your phone into the bathtub or spilled liquid on your laptop, you need to act fast if you want to avoid losing all your data.

At Ontrack, we perform data recovery from water damaged devices of any make, model, brand, or operating system. We have remained the world’s leader for recovering from all types of data loss for 35 years. Let the experts at Ontrack help get your data back.

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How does water affect devices?

When water comes into contact with electronic devices, it affects both the external and internal hardware and can even potentially cause corrosion.

Water damage can generally be classified in three categories – general water damage, flood damage, and saltwater damage. General water damage differs from flood damage in that the device is generally exposed to water for a shorter amount of time – when a phone is dropped in the sink, for example. What’s more, the water is likely to be cleaner than that found in flood damage. Saltwater damage has the potential to be far more damaging, as it speeds up the process of corrosion. 



Ontrack can get your data back

We have a very good success rate when it comes to recovering data from water damaged devices, including:

At Ontrack, we understand that no two recoveries are the same. Our dedicated data recovery specialists will work with you to determine the best course of action for your data recovery. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, we keep the process straightforward and transparent, ensuring you’re kept up to date every step of the way.

How fast do you need your data back?

We understand that when data is lost, timing can be critical. So we offer different services to meet your needs.

Please note: These average turnaround times and can vary depending on the severity of the water damage, the quantity of data, and data transfer speeds. 


Average of 7-14 business days


Average of 2-5 business days


24/7 Until Completion

What should I do if my device has water damage?

Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering data from water damaged hard drives.

If your device has been submerged for hours, days or longer, the water has more of a chance of filtering through the outer layers to vital components inside. Once it reaches these components, it can cause further damage, adding another level of difficulty to the recovery.

However, if the same level of exposure only happens for seconds, even if it causes the hard drive to fail, it’s more likely that the internal components can be repaired, and the data successfully recovered.

  • If your device has been damaged by water, do not try to dry out your hard drive!
  • Drying out your device after water damage starts the corrosion of the media, which increases the risk of data loss. Instead, put it in a secure plastic bag with a damp paper towel so the moisture stays in the device.
  • Then ship it to us so we can take care of the data recovery and repair process, right from the start. Doing this within a week of the initial damage will help prevent corrosion. If the device starts to corrode, it lessens the chance of a successful data recovery. 


Tips and Tricks – what to do if your media gets wet 

When your equipment gets wet, not only can your all your belongings be ruined, but in many cases, an overlooked major loss is that of your data. Here we provide you with some tips in case your equipment gets damaged.

How the data recovery process works

Four straightforward steps to recover your lost data


Contact us 24/7/365 to get a free phone consultation. We will work with you to determine the most cost effective recovery solution and service level based on your specific needs.


Within 24 hours of receiving your device, our engineers will inspect your device for free. You will receive a fixed price quote for the recovery work, including an overview of service levels and timeframes.


With your approval, our expert engineers will recover your data using proprietary tools and techniques. The recovery time will depend on your chosen service level and the complexity of the work involved.


Once your data has been recovered, we’ll send it back to you on a brand new external hard drive, which is encrypted for security and shipped via next day delivery.

Leave it to us…

Eagerness to access lost data leads many people to attempt to fix their devices themselves or take them to general IT support providers rather than experienced data recovery experts.

While you might think it’s ‘worth a try’ before committing to anything more serious, these methods can cause more harm than good and may even lead to permanent data loss.So, before you try putting your liquid damaged device into the freezer for a ‘quick fix’ or opening it up at home, give us a call – we’ll be more likely to get your data back if we’re starting from scratch. 



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