The Ontrack® PowerControls Product Suite

Exchange Recovery

Selectively restore Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes, messages and other mail items – instead of the entire EDB, saving time

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SharePoint Recovery

Forensically sound software tool that restores individual documents, lists, libraries and folders - or entire SharePoint sites

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SQL Recovery

Selectively migrate tables for dev and test, saving cloud data movement and storage costs

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Search Faster

Powerful search helps you find the messages and files you need faster and easier than native tools

Selective Migration

Export just the mailboxes or tables you need and migrate to the cloud – saving data movement and hosting costs

Granular Recovery

Save time and effort by restoring only what you need, not the entire backup

Forensically Sound

Item level search and export without impacting the Exchange Server, backups or metadata of exported items

Let us Build a License for Your Enterprise

  • Customize a license for your business needs
  • Licenses available for the capacity you need for small businesses through the largest global enterprises
  • License 1, 2 or all Ontrack® PowerControls™ applications depending on your needs
  • Commercial licenses available for MSPs, ediscovery and other service providers
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Partnerships and API Integration

Resell to Your Customers

  • Grow revenue while saving your customers time and money
  • Generous partner discounts
  • Resell on a project-by-project basis or to larger clients who manage their own data on-premises

Email Service Providers

  • Rapidly recover mailboxes and messages for your business customers and end users
  • Differentiate your service offerings with granular restore
  • Commercial unlimited use licenses

Ediscovery Service Providers

  • Extract PSTs and messages from backups for your client projects
  • Forensically sound with no impact to metadata
  • Commercial unlimited use license for one user for 1, 2 or 3 year terms

Backup and Storage Vendors

  • Bundle with your data protection platform to provide mailbox/message/file level granular restore
  • Licensing aligned to your business model
  • Rebranding available
  • Option to integrate the API to run the Ontrack PowerControls libraries within your user interface

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