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Thursday, 31 March 2022 by Ontrack Team

For a typical single hard drive recovery, Ontrack’s data recovery service costs between $550 to $1,650 depending on the type and size of your device, and the complexity or difficulty of recovery.

These fees may increase if your device is a larger than normal capacity or if you require your data back more urgently. However our Data Services Representatives will discuss these options with you during the initial consultation.

Prices for more complex systems such as RAIDs or Servers will depend on the specifics of the system, and the data recovery situation.

What is involved in the evaluation process?

In order to determine the cost of your data recovery our engineers perform a free* 24-hour evaluation of your storage device. During this process our engineering team will examine your device to determine its condition and the likelihood of recovering your data. The following factors will be taken into consideration during the evaluation:

  • The type of device
  • The cause of data loss
  • Time and effort required to retrieve data
  • The desired timeline

At the end of the evaluation process we’ll be able to confirm the exact cost of your recovery. Once we’ve locked in the price it will not change, giving our customers complete confidence to proceed with the recovery knowing exactly what to expect at the end of the process

*T&C apply

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How fast can you recover my data?

Prices vary depending on how soon you want your data back. At Ontrack, we currently offer three options. During your free consultation, we will talk you through your options and work to a timeline that works best for the situation.

  1. Standard – an average of 7 to 10 business days
  2. Priority – an average of 2 to 3 business days
  3. Emergency – 24/7 until completion

Is the evaluation stage always free?

For single devices (such as a hard drive or mobile phones) on our Standard service level, the evaluation stage is almost always free. There are some less common situations though where an evaluation fee may apply. These include highly complex recovery types such as CCTV systems, for our Emergency service level, or for large multi-drive or virtualised systems. Our Data Services Representatives will always be upfront about evaluation fees in these situations where they apply and our customers always have a choice about whether to proceed or not.

Will there be any other additional or hidden costs?

No. There are some data recovery companies that quote unrealistically low prices online that change once you send in your device. They may also try to add an additional fee for parts, or for your replacement drive. This type of practice is more common than you might think, giving the data recovery industry a bad name.

At Ontrack we offer our customers a free evaluation in order to provide an exact fixed price quote with no additional or hidden charges. Our prices are all-inclusive and include backups media, return shipping and GST. The price we give our customers after the initial evaluation is the price they pay.

In addition, we have a strict no data, no fee policy. This means that if we’re not able to recover your critical data, you won’t be asked to pay. At Ontrack the customer is in control through the entire process, and there is never a situation where a customer would pay for a recovery and be unhappy with what they get in return.

The ontrack no data no fee policy


Do prices for data recovery differ between domestic and enterprise devices?

Not directly. The cost of data recovery is based on the type and extent of damage as well as the device that has the damage. Therefore, if a business customer and a personal customer came to Ontrack with the same type of device with the same type of failure, the costs would be the same.

In practice though an enterprise is more likely to experience higher data recovery costs due to the amount and types of hardware they use, such as Servers, RAIDs or NAS devices. We also find that many businesses opt for our escalated service levels to get their critical business data back faster. We don’t however charge more for a business customer just because they are a business.

Why choose Ontrack?

Ontrack Data Recovery provides outstanding service and very competitive rates. We are able to keep our prices low due to our world-class data recovery technology as well as quick access to storage device replacement parts due to our global partnership with reputable software and hardware companies.

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