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Phone and Tablet Data Recovery

Has your mobile phone, tablet or music player failed? Our experts can retrieve your valuable photos and data. We have been recovering data for over 35 years and have the latest in data recovery technology.

Mobile device recovery from any device and brand

Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or music player, our expert mobile data recovery service can get your lost data back.

Why Ontrack Data Recovery?

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Multiple Service Offerings

Ontrack offer's flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations. Our experts are on standby 24/7/365.

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Complete Transparency

We want you to have control over your data recovery process. You'll know exactly what can be recovered before paying.

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Unrivaled Global Expertise

Backed by the world’s largest R&D team, we have the knowledge and ability to address your unique data recovery needs.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services

If you do not see your device listed here, please contact us for a full list of devices.

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Comprehensive mobile phone services

Common issues we overcome

Our engineers can recover data from most types of physical and logical damage.

Here's some of the common issues:

  • Software issues
  • Liquid damage
  • Smashed screens
  • Broken connector/charging ports
  • Dead batteries
  • Severe physical damage

Need help with something else that isn't listed? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

What Our Customers Say About Our Data Recovery Services

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4-Step Data Recovery Process

We ensure that our process is transparent, quick and safe. You’ll be informed every step of the way for complete peace of mind.

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Contact us 24/7 worldwide to obtain a free data recovery consultation and written price quote.

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Free Evaluation

The entire evaluation process is transparent with no hidden costs. Once we receive your device, our engineers recommend the best solution, send a fixed price quote and an overview of service levels and delivery schedules.

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Data Recovery

With your approval, we recover your data based on your chosen service level. Through our secure portal you can track the status of your recovery and view a list of recoverable files.

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Data Return

Once your data has been recovered, we’ll send it back to you on an encrypted external device via next day delivery free of charge.

Mobile device recovery experts

Why trust your mobile device with us?

Ontrack has a long track record of successful mobile data recoveries.

Mobile phones use flash memory to store data. Ontrack Data Recovery has unrivalled expertise and proprietary data reconstruction programs in this field. We can identify, separate and reassemble your flash memory so that your data can be extracted. This enables us to recover data where other companies cannot.

Data recovery we can and can’t do for iOS phones, Android phones, and tablets

While we can help in many situations, unfortunately data recovery isn't always possible from mobile devices.

Can Do

  • Software issues
  • Liquid damage
  • Smashed screens
  • Broken connector/charging ports
  • Dead batteries
  • Severe physical damage
  • Error 14 (update failure due to lack of space)

Can't Do

  • Disabled phone
  • Lost passcode
  • Full factory reset
  • Restored incorrect backup
  • Deleted data/photos
  • Deleted SMS messages
  • Deleted messages from third party applications (i.e. WhatsApp/Wechat)

How Fast Do You Need Your Data Back?

Our team of trusted experts are on standby to help. We offer flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations.



Average of 7-10 business days



Average of 2-3 business days



24/7 until completion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered physical damage on phones?

Physical damage to a phone may include a cracked frame, missing keys or buttons, loose screws, a shattered or cracked screen or a discoloured screen display.

Can data be recovered from a water damaged phone?

Severity of water damage must be taken into consideration, however, in most cases, data (including photos, videos, text messages and voicemails) can be recovered from water damaged cell phones.

How will my recovered data be returned to me?

Upon completion, your recovered data will be extracted onto an encrypted external drive and shipped to you.

Is there a charge for shipping?

No, Ontrack pays the cost of shipping to our facilities. For your convenience, we email you a prepaid shipping label to attach to your box. Simply drop it off with your local shipping office, or schedule a pickup at your location.

How will my recovered data be organised?

Our goal is to restore your files to as close to their original folder structure as possible. However, there are some cases where irreparable damage to the media or directory prevents us from delivering a perfect file structure. In these situations, we organise your recovered files by their file type such as spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, etc.

Experiences that matter

Ontrack has extensive experience with all types of data loss scenarios. Our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind in the event of data loss due to hardware failure, human error, natural disasters or cyberattacks.



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