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Degaussers for Complete Data Destruction

Ensure total data erasure from hard drives and other magnetic media with degaussers.Degaussing provides you with peace of mind knowing your sensitive information has been completely and securely destroyed.

Degaussers Offer Secure End-of-Life Data Management

Developed as a total data destruction solution, the Intimus Degausser is a secure hardware solution for large volumes of damaged or end-of-life magnetic media.

Gain peace of mind that your sensitive data has been completely destroyed.


Benefits of Using a Degausser for Data Destruction

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Destroy 100% of data with a powerful gauss magnetic field.
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Each storage device takes only seconds to process.
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Completely destroys all magnetic devices, even if they are damaged.

Intimus 40000 S Degausser

The Intimus 40000 S Degausser is the ultimate in data destruction power. It completely erases all data from hard drives and magnetic tapes in only 28 seconds. A scanning system and software are included to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.


  • Integrated magnetic field monitoring during each cycle for guaranteed safe data erasure
  • Throughput (HDDs/h): up to 480 (1.8 inch), up to 360 (2.5 inch), up to 60 (3.5 inch)
  • Minimum erasure field strength of 30,000 gauss, peaking at 40,000+ gauss

Intimus 20000 S Degausser

The Intimus 20000 S Degausser completely erases all data from any hard disk or magnetic tape at 20,000 gauss in under 15 seconds. Additionally, it comes with the Auditor-Pro system to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.


  • Barcode scanner, touchscreen, stylus, and camera included
  • Throughput (HDD/h): up to 1,300 (1.8 inch), up to 875 (2.5 inch), up to 150 (3.5 inch)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of secure data destruction?

The main objective of secure data destruction is to make it impossible to recover data from a data storage device that is no longer in use by an individual or organization. Destroying this data reduces the risks of identity theft, financial theft, reputational harm, or corporate espionage.

Does data destruction remove windows?

Physical data destruction such as degaussing or shredding will make a hard disk drive or SSD inoperable so that none of the data, software, or other programs on the device will function. Erasure software can be used in such a manner that it erases only specific files, leaving Windows or other operating systems intact when an organization desires to repurpose the asset after wiping the data. The comprehensive approach to drive eraser software will remove all data and programs, including the operating system.

Does degaussing a hard drive make it non-functional?

When degaussing a traditional hard drive, the magnetically coated platters that store data are completely erased. Degaussing involves subjecting a hard drive to a magnetic field, which essentially demagnetizes the platters. The drive is rendered completely inoperable because there are no longer tracks and sectors on the platter which are used to organize and locate data. Degaussing provides permanent removal of data and is recommended as a step in the data sanitization of traditional hard drives, tape, and other magnetic media. After degaussing, devices can be physically destroyed using a special shredder—the process guards against the possibility of any potential for possible data recovery.

Does destroying a hard drive with a hammer make it unrecoverable?

We've seen videos of do-it-yourself data destruction with nail guns, hammers, and automobiles. And while these methods physically destroy devices, they don't provide a verifiable, certified method to ensure data is inaccessible and unrecoverable. Destroying a hard drive with a hammer might render it inoperable, but because Ontrack engineers are known for their miraculous data recovery rescues (including a hard drive from the crashed Space Shuttle), anything is possible.

Is it possible to recover data from a shredded HDD or SSD?

If the grinding takes place with correct equipment intended for safe data destruction, it is impossible to reproduce any data. However, if a shredder doesn't create small enough pieces, from a memory chip, for example, an SSD or a mobile phone chip can pass through without being destroyed. If this happens, the content could be recovered by data recovery experts such as Ontrack.

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