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We can recover data from corrupted, deleted or infected Veeam backups

Ontrack has developed new proprietary technology that will assist customers in recovering their lost, corrupted or infected data from their Veeam backup systems.

With over 35 years of experience, our experts can recover files that have been accidentally deleted, infected by ransomware or corrupted due to encyption. Ontrack can help in a variety of data loss situations, no matter how complex the case.

Case study: Ransomware attack targets backup files

Shan Subenthiran, Ontrack’s Data Recovery Engineer, says, “The recent increase in ransomware attacks targeting backup files puts a corporation’s ability to recover at risk.  Backups are often deleted or the volumes they are stored on are formatted by the ransomware during an attack.  Companies whose critical systems have been infected by malware may not be able to use their backups to restore important data.

Ontrack has developed special tools to recover from backup systems that have been damaged by a ransomware attack. This enables our customers to restore critical data from backup files that would otherwise be permanently lost.

We recently completed a successful data recovery after a cyber-attack for a well-known European fair-trade company.  This ransomware attack partially encrypted over 100 servers in their environment. The hackers demanded a ransom of over € 400,000. The federal police and the international team of cybersecurity and IT -Forensic experts were unable to identify the ransomware type.  Using our specialist tools, we recovered the data from the damaged backups and got the customers systems back up and running.”

Shan Subenthiran Shan Subenthiran


My Veeam VBK backup files have been damaged (corrupted) due to a ransomware attack. Can Ontrack recover my data?

Ontrack has over 35 years of data recovery experience. We have recently developed proprietary software specifically to recover data from Veeam backup files. As a result, a significant amount of Veeam jobs can now be recovered from—even in cases where malware has corrupted the files. Our unique recovery methods will also address damaged VBK files.

What about VMware Storage Snapshot backups from virtual machines?

Many organisations rely on virtual machines in their data centres and implement their backups through Veeam software products. Ontrack fully supports the recovery of VMware, vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V integrated within the Veeam environment.

Is Veeam software a reliable and secure method of backing up?

Yes, absolutely. But, because ransomware is so prevalent today—and now targets backup data, extra care must be taken to protect virtual, physical and cloud-based servers, NAS devices and more.

How do backup files become damaged or corrupted?

Backup files can become corrupted in several ways:

  • Large backup files may become damaged while copying to other devices
  • The backups were accidentally or intentionally deleted
  • Files are damaged during encryption

What can be done to prevent ransomware attacks of Veeam backup files?

Ontrack advises that organisations:

  • Implement a backup and recovery plan for all critical data using the 3-2-1 strategy:

    3 - Retain a minimum of three copies of data
    2 - Store data on two different types of media
    1 - Secure one copy of your backups off-site

  • Test backups regularly to ensure proper configuration, which will limit the impact of a data breach and accelerate the recovery process.
  • Isolate critical backups from the network (air gap) or to cloud storage, for maximum protection of network-connected backups.
  • Implement copy-on-write file systems (NetApp WAFL – Linux ZFS) or WORM features in NAS systems or appliances
  • Patch critical operating systems and antivirus, security, and backup software as soon as possible
  • Establish ongoing cybersecurity training for users and admins to identify phishing emails

Over 50,000 companies worldwide trust Ontrack’s data recovery services.

A guide to data recovery from Veaam backups

Many organisations rely on virtual machines in their data centres and implement backups through Veeam software products.

Veeam Software is a reliable and secure method of backing up. However, since ransomware is so prevalent today—and is prone to targeting backup data, organisations should take extra care to protect virtual, physical and cloud-based servers, NAS devices and more.

Our latest guide explores how to prevent ransomware attacks on Veeam backup files, and how Ontrack can help even in the most challenging of data recovery situations.

Data recovery from Veeam backup

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