Broken screen on phone or tablet: how to get to the data?

Thursday, 15 May 2014 by Marcel Mascunan

Nowadays our smartphones and tablet PCs are great: small, light, practical and portable. But they are so easy to break; a metre’s fall to the floor is often more than enough for the screen to break, and a broken screen on a tactile display is pretty serious. Even if it’s possible to repair the screen, it can be quite time consuming and sometimes even more expensive than the device itself.

But a broken screen does not mean a broken device, and if the hardware is still functional, it’s just a question of getting to the data. If the device uses a memory card, the problem is already solved. In addition, most devices today come with a cable to connect with your PC, and some manufactures even offer data recovery programmes for their products, although they sometimes require authentication from the device which would appear as a button on the screen, which would obviously be an issue.

Some may also have an HDMI output on their tablet or an MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) on their smartphone, in which case a monitor and mouse will solve the problem. Otherwise, the only other option is going to a data recovery specialist.



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