Partnering with EMC Creates New Tools for Recovery of 10 TB of Data

Written By: Ontrack

Date Published: 1 September 2022 10:27:04 AM

Partnering with EMC Creates New Tools for Recovery of 10 TB of Data

The Situation

A global insurance company was storing PST data on an EMC Isilon OneFS cluster. The IT staff completed a replication task which accidentally deleted 10 TB of PST data. Unfortunately, the insurance company did not have a current backup of the PST data.
The data lost was vital to company operations, so they contacted EMC for assistance who in turn recommended Ontrack due to our increased capabilities recovering from EMC Isilon system.

The Solution

All of the drives affected were brought to Ontrack’s London office for imaging. During the initial investigation of the drives, our team of engineers found that the Isilon OneFS version used on this volume was different from those we had seen in the past.
In order to update our current data recovery solution for this new version of Isilon OneFS, our team worked with EMC engineering to understand the changes between versions. We used this information to create updated data recovery tools and ultimately find the deleted data.

The Resolution

Due to the Copy-On-Write system used by Isilon OneFS, the engineering team at Ontrack was able to find many copies of the deleted file metadata in the unallocated portions of the volume. They extracted 120,000 business critical files which were accidentally deleted and returned them back to the customer.


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