Ontrack has unmatched expertise to solve the most complex data loss challenges.

Having serviced over 500,000 clients since our start in 1985, you can trust our world-class engineering team to get the job done.

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More than data recovery, our services span the entire data management lifecycle.

Ontrack solutions help organisations – enterprises, government agencies, SMBs, and service providers – recover from incidents, save costs, and reduce risk. 


Hard Drives in Cleanroom

Data Recovery for Organisations

No recovery is too small or too complex for Ontrack. Call for an expert evaluation.

  • Recover data from system failure, ransomware, human error and natural disasters. 
  • Support for any device, storage manufacturer, operating system, database, or back up format.
  • From small devices like computers and mobile phones to enterprise systems like server, raid and virtual machines.
  • In lab, remote and on-site capabilities.
  • Custom development capabilities for challenging situations.

Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery

Ontrack performs hard drive data recovery from any make, model, brand or operating system.

Mechanical failures
If your hard drive is not working or is making a clicking or grinding noise, it is likely experiencing a mechanical failure. This could be due to a head crash or motor failure. Mechanical failures require a cleanroom environment in order to open the hard drive without causing further data loss.

Logical Issues
If your hard drive is working, but you cannot access some or all of your files, then it is likely to be experiencing a logical failure. This could be due to a lost partition or accidental reformatting of the drive.

Solid State Drives
SSDs bring a new range of challenges for data recovery, but Ontrack engineers are up to the task.

Whatever the cause of your data loss, Ontrack can give you the best chance to get it back.

Hard Drive Recovery SSD Recovery

Data recovery from RAID and servers

Servers, RAIDs and Enterprise Storage

Recovery from enterprise storage environments is much more complex than from a simple hard drive.

Ontrack has the tools and expertise to help get your data back no matter the situation:

  • All storage types, from the smallest NAS to the largest RAID and SAN systems.
  • Support for current and legacy systems.
  • Mechanical or logical issues.
  • Remote recovery available in some cases.

Ransomware Data Recovery

The severity, size, and sophistication of ransomware attacks has increased. Each ransomware incident is unique, but data recovery is possible.

  • A specialised collection of proprietary tools to recover data encrypted by ransomware
  • Industry experts with decades of experience ready for immediate phone consultations
  • Member of multiple cyber insurance panels
Cyber criminal planting ransomware on a laptop
Data recovery from virtualised systems

Virtualised System Recovery

Due to the scale and layers in Virtualised Systems, data loss due to mechanical failure or logical issues such as human error can quickly affect large amounts of data.

With over 30 years of data recovery experience, Ontrack engineers can help recover data from a range is data loss scenarios in virtual environments from all vendors.

Tape Services

Managing and gaining insight into archived data is critical to reducing risk and cost in your organisation. Respond to time-sensitive restore requirements, save on storage and maintenance costs, reduce the risk of retaining noncompliant data, and keep legacy data accessible.

  • Proprietary software tools extract data from current and legacy backup formats
  • Organise and transform tape data, including auditing, cataloguing, migration, and restoration
  • Defensible and repeatable process for eDiscovery and compliance
Ontrack Tape Services
PowerControls Software on a Laptop to recover and restore data

Data Extraction with Ontrack PowerControls™

Search, recover, and restore data from Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL environments

  • Restore only what you need, not the entire backup
  • Find the messages and files you need faster and easier than native tools
  • Forensically sound search and export without impacting the original metadata
  • Migrate to the cloud, saving data movement and hosting costs
  • Additional lab services extract mailboxes and messages from legacy storage systems and tapes


Service Levels to Accommodate Any Timeline

Our team of trusted experts are available 24/7 to help. We offer flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations.


Average of 7-10 business days


Average of 2-3 business days


24/7 until completion

Multiple service options to meet diverse geographic and data control needs.

Ontrack delivers outstanding customer service while providing our best-in-class data recovery. 


Remote Data Recovery

Your data is recovered remotely without your media ever leaving your premises. We connect to your system via the Internet to perform a live recovery. Available when the storage device or system is still operational. With remote data recovery, work can begin within hours. 


In-lab Data Recovery

Our advanced cleanroom facilities increase the amount of data which can be recovered from damaged media. We perform any data recovery where the media needs to be uncased in our secure cleanroom environment to avoid further contamination and recover the maximum amount of data possible.


On-site Data Recovery

If your data is too sensitive to leave your location, or you want to outsource the service, we can help. We provide secure data destruction on site for any type of device. We can also dispose of the media for you and provide an erasure report for audit and compliance.

Why Choose Ontrack?

Ontrack is the only solution provider with custom tools and development capabilities to support all types of data loss scenarios. We offer free ransomware consultations with our experienced engineering team​.


Global Locations


Recovery Labs


Data Centres

Many of the world's leading hardware and software vendors partner with Ontrack as the global leader in data recovery.

Western Digital
Transfer Data

Solving Complex Data Challenges

As an integrated KLDiscovery business, Ontrack has a network of professionals with expertise spanning the information governance and eDiscovery spectrum to support the litigation, investigation and compliance needs of our clients.

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