Groundbreaking iPod Shuffle recovery

Feb 14, 2020

The situation

Most people would wonder why a customer thinks that their music is so valuable that it warrants the diagnosis fee alone, let alone paying for a full recovery. However, it is not our place to ask why, we simply get on with the job in hand. With this in mind, the engineer picked up this job and in so doing, performed the first iPod Shuffle recovery in the history of Ontrack.

The solution

Now, we obviously can’t go in to great depth as to how this pioneering recovery was performed, but we can tell you that it involved the customer’s chips, a set of parts, and plenty of experimentation. This recovery was much more complicated than normal for two main reasons:

■ firstly, and most importantly, this kind of recovery had never been performed before so there were no points of reference;

■ secondly, the small size of the device made any soldering etc, all the more difficult.

Despite these problems, Ontrack managed to recover 100% of the customer’s data!

The resolution

Clearly this recovery has further reaching implications; it opens the doors to Ontrack’s ability to recover data from other manufacturer’s MP3 players and other digital hardware of similar construction.