Mix Asylum, a post-production music engineering company, needed to restore music files from a broken drive.

Feb 14, 2020

The client

A small post production music engineering company that is responsible for augmenting the quality of clients’ music files to professional standard.

The situation

David Jones and his son provide services for musicians who write and record their own songs - but need help with post-production to ensure recordings are of the highest possible quality and suitable for distribution. David had an old IOMEGA external hard drive containing music files that could be remixed for clients. The drive had not worked for a few years and David had tried between 10 and 15 different approaches to restoring the data to no avail. The files were very large - about 250 gigabytes in size in total. David found that all of the data recovery software packages he tried could identify the drive, but not provide access to the files that he knew were on there.

The solution

David came across a free demonstration of Ontrack’s EasyRecovery software and downloaded a trial version. He was immediately able to view the files that he wanted to access and downloaded the full version of the software to complete the recovery process. Within a very short period of time he had recovered all of the files from the damaged drive.

The resolution

David’s son is taking on the mantle of providing post-production engineering services for musicians, working from his new website mixasylum.co.uk. David comments: “My son has just started his own studio and wanted to work with some of the older files, which were stored on the IOMEGA drive. Having tried out so many data recovery packages that didn’t work, I was amazed that Ontrack’s software could find all of the files from the drive so quickly - and soon after buying the full version I was starting to recover all of my files. We are both very impressed!”