Ontrack helps a UK leading IT company recover over 60 VMs

Feb 15, 2020

The client

An IT company with data centre facilities in Europe and USA and supporting almost 2 million customers.

The customer realised that 60+ Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVMs) had disappeared following a technical fault in the host.

Critical customer data was lost, preventing hundreds of clients from carrying on with their normal online businesses. As safeguarding their customers’ data and accessibility was the main priority, they needed a trustworthy data recovery partner who could achieve a full and speedy recovery and be back up and running as soon as possible.

As part of their disaster recovery action plan, the company contacted Ontrack for immediate help.

Knowing they could provide the best recovery services in the market, it was the obvious partnership to get through this situation. Due to the critical nature of the loss and the amount of people affected, once Ontrack was contacted, a senior engineer visited the customer’s premises that same day to assess the situation. Once there, he performed a KVM recovery on-site to assess how much of the data was recoverable. After working on the drive all night, the recovery proved successful.

A further proof of concept exercise was requested by the client so four KVMs were brought back to the Ontrack laboratory in Epsom to perform simultaneous recoveries to discover how much data and how quickly it could be accessed. With several engineers working around the clock to complete the recoveries as soon as possible, these were successfully completed in only 4 days. The client then gave the green light to Ontrack to continue with the recovery of all the missing data from the remaining KVMs.

Following the success of the previous five KVM recoveries, Ontrack achieved a full recovery of all the remaining KVMs by assigning a specialist team of engineers to work around the clock on this project.

By running simultaneous recoveries they were able to complete the job in under a month. In total, the Ontrack Data Recovery team fully recovered all the KVMs, including almost 5,000 virtual disks and 200TB+ of data copied out.

“Nobody expects a data loss to happen and even when it is confined to a small area of a business, as it was in this case, it can still have a large impact. Our client was able to restore its drives relatively quickly with the help of our expert engineering team, who worked around the clock to recover the data that had been affected. It is always best to prepare for all contingencies, which is why it’s important to include a trustworthy data recovery partner in any disaster recovery plan”.

- Robin England Senior Research and Development Engineer at Ontrack