Virtual planning data lost by wrong moving of data.

Feb 14, 2020

The situation

Since it was not a mechanic defect, a remote data recovery (RDR) could be done. The Dell EqualLogic System with three LUNs was connected with the computer of a Ontrack data recovery engineer via a secure internet connection. All the client had to do was to install a client-software on a PC connected to the Dell EqualLogic System and connect it to Ontrack. The engineer could then start to work. The first step was to check the system data. When this check confirmed that the virtual machines were not deleted but only saved wrongly, we could start the recovery.

The solution

The important Excel planning files could all be recovered by the data recovery specialists. It took the engineer two full days to find his way through the Dell EqualLogic system’s data structure. He found out that the virtual machines with the Excel files were hidden in one of the three LUNs. 49 GB of data were stored on the respective drive. Because of the wrong move of the virtual machines and their snapshots, the engineer had to dig deep into the HyperV configuration to copy it back to the correct location. This was the only way to make the files accessible again. The effort paid off: the planning files’ restoration allowed the continuous smooth operations of the supermarket under the Caribbean sun.

The resolution