Whether it’s a personal or corporate mobile, iOS or Android device, when you need a secure solution to regain access to critical data due to a forgotten PIN or a disabled phone, we can help.

Disabled and forgotten PIN or pattern lock service for iPhone and Androids – A secure solution to regain access to critical data on your smartphone or tablet. 

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When access to your data becomes impossible, call Ontrack.

Ontrack can help in the following situations where access to critical data is lost:  

  • A forgotten PIN, passcode, or pattern lock
  • Hardware issues that result in a disabled phone
  • Disabled as a result of attempting to enter an incorrect PIN or pattern lock too many times
  • A failed operating system update
  • Presented by the next of kin or estate in the case of a deceased individual
  • Internal investigations - a company does not know their employee’s PIN or pattern lock and needs access due to misconduct, theft, fraud or harassment
  • An employee leaves a company and is unwilling to disclose their PIN or pattern lock to their company
  • An issue in a civil or commercial litigation
Disabled mobile device services

How the disabled phone or forgotten PIN process works 

  1. Call 01372 741 999 or use the form below to contact Ontrack.
  2. Mail/deliver your device to an Ontrack laboratory*
  3. Ontrack engineers will evaluate your device to ensure it is a candidate for the service.
  4. Once your device is accessible, your data will be extracted and backed up to an external encrypted USB drive. The external drive and your device will be returned. The new PIN/passcode will be provided by email. 

While the success rate is high, there is no guarantee we will be able to unlock the device and access the data. For more information review the FAQ below or call 01372 741 999 for process details and pricing.

*Proof of device ownership may be required 

Disabled Mobile Device Technician

Disabled Mobile Device FAQ's

Do I have to send my device to Ontrack?

How will my device be returned to me?

How do I pay?

How much does the service cost?

How long will it take to access my device

What if you can’t get into my device?

Should I keep my phone powered on?

How should I ship my device?

How do I find my serial number and/or IMEI?

What disabled/inaccessible devices do you support as part of this service offering?

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