12 September 2018

Ontrack expands mobile device services to meet growing demand

Ontrack has opened new facilities dedicated to smartphone and tablet recovery services.

Epsom – 12th September 2018 – The data recovery experts at Ontrack have expanded their facilities to match a growing demand for mobile device data recovery services.

In 2017 alone Ontrack received over 13,000 smartphone data recovery requests globally, marking a significant increase over the previous year. As a result, Ontrack has opened dedicated mobile device recovery facilities in Poland and the UK to cover increased demand in Europe, with another facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota serving customers in the United States.

These new market-leading technical facilities use specialist hardware and proprietary software tools to increase throughput and recovery speeds, meaning customers will benefit from quicker recovery times. In addition, Ontrack has also started returning data via the cloud, meaning customers will be reunited with their lost data faster than ever.

“In the past year we have seen a substantial increase in demand from customers that have lost data from their smartphone or tablet.” said Phil Bridge, Senior Vice President, Data and Storage Technologies, Ontrack. “Our new recovery labs expand on our already market-leading capabilities and gives both consumers and business users access to a service that is focused on both quality and data security.”

Each facility includes state-of-the-art tools and technology to get the best recovery results possible, whilst maintaining data security credentials that has made Ontrack the data recovery company of choice for companies, governments and consumers worldwide. In addition, Ontrack have a dedicated team of research and development engineers, who create new techniques to recover data from the latest smartphone technologies.

“We are trusted around the globe by personal users, corporations and IT service providers who are looking for a secure service from a reputable company,” added Bridge. “Our upgraded facilities, proprietary tools and R&D investments mean that we can cater for any customer, any mobile device and any data loss situation.”

Ontrack offers a free, no obligation evaluation for all media types, including mobile devices. If you have lost data from your mobile phone or tablet, Ontrack recommends following these steps:

  • Stop using the device immediately, as further use or DIY recovery attempts could cause data to become permanently irrecoverable.
  • If your device has suffered liquid damage do not attempt to power it on or charge it. Remove the battery if you are able to. Wrap the device in a damp cloth, place into a sealed plastic bag.
  • Contact the professionals at Ontrack to arrange for the device to be collected for free.

For more information about Ontrack data recovery capabilities and services please visit https://www.ontrack.com

About Ontrack
Ontrack provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies and consumers solve complex data challenges. Part of the KLDiscovery brand, Ontrack provides market leading data recovery for any type of media – hard drives, SSD, server, RAID, virtual, cloud, mobile, tape, NAS/SAN/DAS, laptop, desktop computers and Apple devices. Additionally, through proprietary technologies and expert services around the globe, Ontrack helps clients with email extraction, tape management and data destruction.

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