Data loss from servers, hypervisors, and virtual machines can be daunting. With 35+ years of data recovery experience and 15 years of virtual machine data recovery experience, Ontrack has recovered data from virtualised systems for thousands of enterprise customers worldwide.

Virtualisation adds complexity to the data recovery process and when you need data recovered from virtualised environments, Ontrack is here to help.


Because virtualised systems comprise a unique marriage of software and hardware components, the successful recovery of inaccessible or lost data requires superior knowledge of hypervisors, host servers, storage devices, RAID arrays, file structures, applications, and more.

Ontrack's global team has years of experience and training, a host of proprietary tools, and specialised knowledge gained through unique working relationships with virtual machine software vendors and hardware OEMs that recommend our services. Ontrack virtual machine data recovery experts can help with following: Ontrack virtual machine data recovery experts can help with following:

Ontrack Hong Kong Engineer

Our engineers can handle every VM data loss scenario in virtualised systems.

Whether it's a single virtual machine or an entire virtualised environment on enterprise storage, we can handle it all.

Our recovery capabilities are extensive - whether it is software corruption, device failure, or accidental deletion. Through unique capabilities, years of experience, and hundreds of thousands of successful data recoveries have established Ontrack's reputation as the global leader in the data recovery industry.

Common causes of data loss on virtual storage devices.

There are many causes of data loss. Fortunately, Ontrack has expertise to recover data from the following situations and more.

  • Failed disks or damaged RAIDs
  • Deleted LUNs/Volumes
  • Formatted or overwritten hosts, datastores, volumes and VMs
  • Corrupt Datastores or host volumes (VMFS, NTFS, ReFS, EXT, XFS, etc)
  • Corrupted virtual disk files (VMDK, VHD, VHDX, etc)
  • Corrupted guest file systems
  • Deleted VMs or snapshots
  • Deleted files from within a VM
Binary data

VM system data recovery recommendations.

For best results, Ontrack recommends you follow these guidelines to protect you from further data loss. These recommendations can help preserve your chances for successful data recovery with Ontrack.

  • Stop using the system.  The more you use it, the more likely recoverable data will be overwritten.
  • Never install data recovery software onto a volume if you require deleted data to be recovered. Installing software, creating, or copying files to the volume can permanently overwrite data in the free space of the volume and make it unrecoverable.
  • If critical data is inaccessible due to accidental deletion, device failure, or corruption, take the volume offline and unmount it immediately.
  • If you choose to attempt data recovery on your own, always work with a backup copy or image file of your data, volume, or virtual disk file.
  • Re-initialising or reformatting a problematic volume will remove all data and complicate data recovery attempts.
  • Only rebuild a RAID array if all of its member drives have been completely imaged, or you have a fully functional and verified backup.
  • Never attempt to force a failed RAID member drive online unless you have all member drives imaged.

Data recovery options

Contact our specialists for a consultation if you’ve experienced data loss on the virtualised system.

Time can be critical, and the odds for successful data recovery are higher when no previous attempts have been performed. Decades of experience confirm that this is critical for saving your valuable data.



Our advanced cleanroom facilities increase the amount of data which can be recovered from damaged media. We perform any data recovery where the media needs to be uncased in our secure cleanroom environment to avoid further contamination and recover the maximum amount of data possible.


Remote Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery (RDR) is the best option for cloud recovery due to the speed of the recovery process. It is the fastest was to access and recover your data. This cloud recovery is completed via a secure internet connection using proprietary tools. This method is not only quick, but cost-effective as well.

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Onsite Services

If your data is too sensitive to leave your location, or you want to outsource the service, we can help. We provide secure data destruction on site for any type of device. We can also dispose of the media for you and provide an erasure report for audit and compliance.

Virtual machine data recovery FAQs

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Service levels and pricing.

Custom quotes are provided for complex jobs to meet our customers’ requirements. Estimates for evaluations and recovery can vary depending on customer urgency, device type, capacity, number of files, and complexity of the data loss situation.


5-7 business days


2-4 business days


24/7 Until completion

Our initial consultation is always free. We work closely with our customers to provide an overview of our recommended course of action, the outlook for success, timing, and costs involved. Customers are never charged until they approve a documented path forward for their data recovery job.

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