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What is a clean room?

27 June 2024 06:08:03 EDT

By definition, a clean room is a space in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Air quality, temperature and humidity are rigorously regulated and controlled in order to avoid Read more

26 June 2024 06:01:34 EDT

How to recover corrupted files

If your files are visible, but you're unable to open them, it's likely that they are corrupted. Find out how to recover corrupted files so that you can use them again. What causes file corruption? We...

08 November 2023 09:03:42 EST

Data Term Glossary

Active data Active data is information residing on the direct access storage media of computer systems, which is readily visible to the operating system and/or application software with which it was...

08 November 2023 08:16:50 EST

Recoverable Tape Types and Formats

DLT Descended from the DEC TK range of drives, the DLT has emerged as one of the major players at the high data capacity and high performance end of the market. Serpentine recording format DLT...

08 November 2023 06:12:42 EST

RAID History

A history of RAID systems RAID technology has revolutionised enterprise data storage. RAID stands for a Redundant Array of Independent (originally Inexpensive) Disks, and uses the concept of system...

06 November 2023 02:34:56 EST

What is RAID 6

RAID 6 A blend of fault tolerance and performance to protect your data. A RAID array is a collection of disks that are configured either by software or hardware in a certain way to protect data,...

06 November 2023 02:18:24 EST

What is RAID 1?

RAID 1 The system for better fault management. While the RAID system overall makes it possible to optimize data storage by distributing it over several hard disks, each configuration has its own...

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