Photo Recovery [en-GB]

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

01 November 2023 04:20:48 EDT

Photos are the guardians of our memories. Now mainly stored digitally, particularly on hard drives, many people despair when they become corrupted or are accidentally deleted. Luckily, there are some Read more

31 October 2023 08:26:40 EDT

How do hard drives work?

HDD or SSD? A traditional hard disk drive (HDD), sometimes referred to by its abbreviated names hard disk or hard drive, is a form of magnetic mass storage used primarily in computers, but also in...

31 October 2023 07:26:59 EDT

Why does Ontrack have the world’s best technology in data recovery?

We are the oldest data recovery company Ontrack began its journey in 1985 in the software industry. The first product produced by Ontrack was the Disk Manager®, a software programme that made the...

30 October 2023 06:09:52 EDT

How to recover photos from an SD card?

It is not unusual to face the loss of files, especially photos stored on a memory card. A simple mistake when handling is enough to delete your photos. Thankfully you can recover your photos thanks...

27 October 2023 01:25:53 EDT

Hard Drive Not Detected? Here’s what to do.

Is your hard drive not detected? When your hdd is not detected due to defective areas on the unit, you can proceed with a software recovery. If it is the internal drive hosting the operating system,...

25 October 2023 10:05:29 EDT

What is a hard drive?

The hard drive is one of the most vital elements of all modern computers and is at the heart of our work: data recovery. Our 30+ years of experience has given us the opportunity to work on almost all...

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