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For 35+ years, we have remained the world leader in data recovery for physically damaged devices. Let the experts at Ontrack help you get your data back.

Whether your device has been accidentally dropped or subjected to physical damage during a natural disaster event, the resulting data loss can be catastrophic. With 35 years of recovering from all types of data loss, no matter the extent of physical damage, Ontrack’s experts are well equipped to help you get your data back.

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Ontrack offer's flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations. Our experts are on standby 24/7/365.

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We want you to have control over your data recovery process. You'll know exactly what can be recovered before paying.

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Backed by the world’s largest R&D team, we have the knowledge and ability to address your unique data recovery needs.

Physical Damage Data Recovery Services

As the world’s leader in data recovery, our R&D team is equipped with the knowledge and ability to address your data recovery needs in the event of drops or physical damage, no matter the device or make and model.

Ontrack recovers data from devices that have been dropped or physically damaged, including:

What should I do if I have lost data due to physical damage?

Losing crucial data can be devastating in any case, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to lessen the possibility of additional damage when you’ve experienced data loss from physical damage.

  1. Don’t turn your device on. 
    It’s best to leave your device powered off if you suspect severe physical damage. If it has already been turned on and you hear a ticking sound, turn it off immediately.

  2. Avoid any attempts to dry any damaged devices that have also become wet.  
    Drying out physically damaged [devices that have been subjected to water damage](link to flood damage page) could lead to further data loss due to corrosion. In instances where your device may have been exposed to water after being dropped or otherwise physically damaged, it is best to send it to a data recovery professional for further evaluation. Be sure to place the device in a secure plastic bag and wrap it with a damp paper towel to keep as much moisture in the device as possible.

  3. Contact a professional data recovery expert, immediately. 
    Truth be told, recovering data from damaged devices requires a unique set of skills. In cases where media has been dropped or experienced other accidents that result in external damage, it’s best to trust the experts with recovering any critical data.

  4. Consider any available back up data. 
    Having data readily available can make all the difference when it comes to drops or physical damage, so it may be helpful to proactively create a recovery plan. It’s also important to remember that there’s no time like the present to back up your data. A good backup strategy is a fail-safe way to ensure that all is not lost should your devices become severely damaged during a physical accident.

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With your approval, we recover your data based on your chosen service level. Through our secure portal you can track the status of your recovery and view a list of recoverable files.

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Once your data has been recovered, we’ll send it back to you on an encrypted external device via next day delivery.

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Our team of trusted experts are on standby to help. We offer flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common causes of hard drive physical failure?

If the hard drive is not at all recognised by the system, nor the BIOS, be sure to check that the drive is also not making any noises. Clicking, whirring, or scratching sounds are a sure sign of physical failure, which may be causing the drive not to be recognised by your system. In these cases, a professional data recovery engineer is required to recover the data.

Can dropping my phone damage it?

While it may seem that dropping your iPhone or Android device may not be a big deal, there could be more to the damage than simply a cracked phone screen. The device may have suffered damage to its logic board or other internal components which could lead to data loss.

Can I recover data from a physically damaged hard drive?

If you suspect that your device has been physically damaged, the best option is to have it evaluated by a data recovery professional immediately, as DIY attempts to recover data from the hard drive may lead to worse damage.

How do I avoid physical damage?

Avoid physically damaging your devices by treating them with care, keeping them somewhere safe, and refraining from carrying them around unless absolutely necessary.

How does physical damage affect devices?

One of the most common effects of physical damage to your device is a hard drive head crash. When this occurs, your device's read/write head hits the platter inside the drive, causing damage to the platters and moving the head out of position. If your device has been dropped or physically damaged, be on the lookout for any whirring, clicking or popping noises - this is the sound of the read/write head trying to get back into position but hitting something in the way. The spinning parts in the hard drive can also fail, and if you drop your device, you may find that it isn't recognized when plugged into a laptop or desktop.

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Ontrack has extensive experience with all types of data loss scenarios. Our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind in the event of data loss due to hardware failure, human error, natural disasters or cyberattacks.



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