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GDPR and email encryption: The perfect partners?

With the GDPR having been in full effect for a couple of weeks, some companies are still struggling with the processes to make their IT compliant to the new regulations. Since the GDPR covers many aspects of data security as-well-as reasons for data leakage there is almost not a single IT process unaffected by the new European law. While most of the process to change are quite obvious, some are …Read More

How to check the battery life of your iphone

Ever wondered how to check the battery life of your iphone? Yes? Well, read on below to find out more… Ontrack data recovery has long been known for its expertise in recovering data from hard disk drives, SSDs, RAID and NAS systems, as well as high-end server and storage systems from brands like EMC/Dell, HP etc. But Ontrack is also capable of recovering data from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. …Read More

GDPR and data security: The must do’s

When it comes to thinking about data security, many company executives who are unfamiliar with the concept think that a high fence, cameras and a security guard at the entrance will do the job. Unfortunately, as the most recent ransomware attacks have shown, this is definitely not the answer. Not having a bullet-proof data security process in effect is now riskier than ever! The reason is the General Data Protection …Read More

The evolution of storage part 2: Object storage and data recovery

In our previous blog post – The evolution of storage systems: Object, File or Block?- we explained how there is a need for a new storage concept for the ever-growing amount of big data. We showed how the traditional storage methods, File Storage and Block Storage can’t handle the growing amount of data and that the solution to this challenge is Object storage. But how does this new storage method …Read More

The evolution of storage systems part 1: Object, File or Block?

More data is transferred and generated globally than ever before. The analysts from IDC are expecting that by 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 163 zettabytes. That is an increase of more than 1000% from the 16.1 ZB of data in 2016. So how are companies storing all of this data? And which storage system is best for storing Big Data: File, Block or Object? Why has there …Read More