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the Data Recovery blog by Ontrack

The evolution of storage systems part 1: Object, File or Block?

More data is transferred and generated globally than ever before. The analysts from IDC are expecting that by 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 163 zettabytes. That is an increase of more than 1000% from the 16.1 ZB of data in 2016. So how are companies storing all of this data? And which storage system is best for storing Big Data: File, Block or Object? Why has there …Read More

How to solve the dreaded Windows 10 failure

Over the years, the experts at Ontrack have assisted a number of customers that have all experienced data loss due to a Windows 10 error, specifically a BCD 0xc00000f failure. Any error that occurs on a computer that results in data being lost can be extremely upsetting and frightening. However, knowing that there have been other people that have experienced something similar can help put your mind at ease. Below …Read More

The data recovery expert vs the computer forensics specialist

Have you ever wondered the difference between a data recovery expert and a computer forensics specialist? Yes? Well, it’s your lucky day! Read below to find out all about these two data focused professions. The data recovery expert Generally, for the data recovery expert, they will receive a storage medium from the client (in the case of larger RAID units, the expert may need to work via the internet or …Read More

How long do SSDs really last?

Until a couple of years ago many IT administrators, as well as IT managers, were concerned about the risk of losing valuable data because of a sudden failure of SSDs in their storages. Due to this, manufacturers took a long time to convince the public that SSDs were safe to use, especially when handling sensitive data. In this article we explore the SSD and how long it really does last! …Read More

Protecting your data on USB sticks

Over the years, USB memory sticks have improved in a variety of ways: smaller size, larger storage and faster than ever before. Because of these improvements, a large number of people now choose to store extremely valuable and personal data on them. This sounds great, but USB sticks how one major downside: they are very easy to lose! A perfect example of this is below… A member of the team from …Read More

Are Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions actually what you think?

Sometimes marketing experts lead the ordinary computer user (or even IT administrators) in the wrong direction such as with the term Data Loss Prevention (DLP). This term is usually seen on your computer screen when you search the internet for tools which may prevent you from losing data from your system. But in contrast to what you might think, the term does not have anything to do with prevention of …Read More