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What to consider before you redeploy IT equipment

It’s often smarter to redeploy your organisation’s old IT equipment than to throw it away. For example, if someone hands in their notice a few months after getting a new company laptop, or an exec upgrades their smartphone, there’s no sense in retiring old devices when they’re still working, and other employees might get some use out of them. However, before you start digging around in the office storeroom and …Read More

Staying GDPR compliant when erasing data from company environments

The introduction of GDPR back in 2018 forced organisations to take a good hard look at their erasure policies. GDPR is more than just ‘the right to be forgotten’; it also applies to the prevention of data leaks by all enterprises that either does business within the European Union or from outside with an EU company. However, there still seems to be a great deal of confusion in regards to …Read More