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Businesses ‘losing trust in cloud security’

Businesses are becoming increasingly less trusting of the data security capabilities of the cloud, a new survey has found.

A global poll by BT has found that while 70 per cent of IT decision makers are adopting the cloud to store data and facilitate web applications, their confidence in security is somewhat lacking.

For 76 per cent of those polled, the risks to security are their main misgiving about the cloud, with 49 per cent admitting to being ‘very or extremely anxious’ about them – up from just ten per cent in 2012.

President of BT Security Mark Hughes called the simultaneous growth in cloud usage and fears about the security implications an “interesting paradox”.

However, he stated, solutions are at hand, adding: “Enterprise cloud applications and services are designed to help businesses realise the possibilities in the cloud while substantially decreasing risk.”

The study found around 50 per cent of IT decision makers go for ‘mass market’ cloud service providers, but Mr Hughes warned that these may not offer the security solutions companies need.

From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/businesses-losing-trust-in-cloud-security074.aspx

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