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Cloud storage ‘highly efficient for small businesses’

Small businesses that want to manage data more efficiently have been urged to embrace cloud computing.

According to Monique Craig of online marketplace Oneflare, one of the technology’s main advantages is that it is very simple to use.

Indeed, she told Realbusiness that it means users do not even need to be “techno-proficient” in order to manage a large database.

Ms Craig also pointed out that switching to cloud computing can offer many financial advantages to firms.

For instance, she noted that it allows small businesses to cut their energy bills by almost a third on average.

In addition, she said backing up every piece of data in a traditional file storage storage system is not always very affordable.

However, she stated that if a firm signs up with a reputable cloud provider, the risk of data loss is significantly reduced, while the chances of data being recovered are much greater.

“Losing months or years of work has to be avoided,” Ms Craig commented.

“As cloud services host a large number of different business databases, just like with security breaches, permanent downtimes should not happen.”

Ms Craig also stated that whereas traditional databases can only be accessed from one location, cloud-based data can be reached anywhere from any web-enabled device, such as tablets and smartphones.

As a result, it could enable smaller firms to operate much more flexibly, with staff working remotely, rather than being limited to one office space.

“Cloud storage remains one of the most efficient ways to manage data for small businesses,” Ms Craig remarked.

Small businesses were advised that the benefits she flagged up are just some of the advantages they are likely to experience from switching to the cloud and that many more are likely to be discovered by individual firms in the future.

Ms Craig added that the switch to the cloud looks set to continue en masse and that traditional file storage is likely to become a “long-forgotten” practice.

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