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Content-centric storage ‘is the future’

Businesses keen to ensure their data archiving policies are at the cutting edge might like to examine the benefits of a new approach to storage that places the onus on shareability and efficiency for data transfer.

Co-founder and chief executive officer of Infinio Arun Agarwal told ITProPortal how one of the biggest issues surrounding data storage for modern firms lies in the fact that these systems are often address-based, meaning specific files are stored at exact locations and every time this file is needed it has to be accessed from the same site.

However, a more efficient system is the use of a content-based approach to archiving, whereby it is the content that is searched for rather than the address.

This enables the file to be shared more efficiently across multiple domains, whereby the first person using the file holds it on their computer and then when it is required by somebody else it is shared from that location and so on.

It means this is a much more joined up approach to data management and one that could considerably reduce storage bills for companies in the future.

“The main advantage of the content-centric approach is that it’s an incredibly efficient use of hardware. It saves huge amounts of server resources and has a very low footprint in the data centre,” Mr Agarwal stated.

“Everyone looks at IOPS for dollars – they look for performance in a very singular way. I think the problem is that people get obsessed with single metrics – but the main goal is simply to make users happy.”

He concluded that issues like acceleration, in-stream de-duplication, security and encryption can all be more easily managed when employing a content-centric approach to file storage.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/content-centric-storage-is-the-future227.aspx

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