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European governments ‘investing in big data’

A growing proportion of western European governments understand the benefits that can be leveraged from a greater focus on big data analytics.

Interest in this form of data management is growing steadily at present, with a poll carried out by IDC showing 38 per cent of government organisations across the continent are now using these tools to reduce instances of financial fraud and abuse.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent are investing in big data analytics to improve revenue collection and 44 per cent stated their belief that a focus on big data could boost overall levels of productivity and efficiency.

Massimiliano Claps, research director at IDC EMEA Government Insights, commented: “In the next 12 to 18 months, business cases focused on leveraging internal data to improve financial sustainability and operational efficiency will be more likely to get executive buy-in than fancy analytics that draw on multiple non-government data sources to personalise citizen service.”

Indeed, research recently published by Gartner showed the Nexus of Forces – defined as the convergence of social, mobile, cloud and traditional data – is a topic many governments are now paying greater attention to.

This means organisations are looking to address issues related to the safeguarding of sensitive information that can now be accessed remotely and across multiple platforms, with the widespread use of bring-your-own-device policies one area in which officials are acutely aware that improvements in security need to be made.

Indeed, managing vice president at Gartner Andrea Di Maio stated: “Smart government integrates information, communication and operational technologies to planning, management and operations across multiple domains.”

However, he added the significant rise in volume of information being collected means governments are now often struggling to analyse such large data sets appropriately, while they are facing mounting pressures regarding the protection of this data from prying eyes.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/european-governments-investing-in-big-data843.aspx

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