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FBI issues ransomware warning

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a public service announcement to warn US companies of the high costs associated with crypto-ransomware infection.

Crypto-ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the target’s files and demands a ransom fee for their decryption, rendering them inaccessible until the funds are delivered.

According to the FBI, the biggest threat is CryptoWall, which has been responsible for 992 infections – and $18 million (£11 million) in losses – since it emerged in April 2014.

A CryptoWall ransom is typically between $200 and $10,000, but victims also tend to incur indirect costs such as loss of productivity, loss of data, legal fees, and the purchase of credit monitoring services for employees and customers.

“If you receive a ransomware popup or message on your device alerting you to an infection, immediately disconnect from the Internet to avoid any additional infections or data losses,” the announcement said.

It is wise to choose a data recovery company who has a track record in recovering from the type of data loss you have experienced.

From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/fbi-issues-ransomware-warning575.aspx

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