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Frequent causes of data storage failure

The failure of data archiving systems can be a real headache for businesses to deal with and therefore it pays for companies to be in the know when it comes to the most common issues that can cause this type of problem.

CBR Online reports Matt Starr, chief technology officer at Spectra Logic, told attendees of the recent Powering the Cloud conference in Frankfurt how human error is often the most common reason for business-critical information to be lost.

“Clumsy handling (physical and virtually) has erased data all the way through human history, from paintings catching on fire to Time photographer Robert Capa losing photos of the US D-Day landings,” Mr Starr argued.

As such, the effective training of staff and ensuring individuals have the right skills to handle sensitive data effectively should be a must for firms.

However, Mr Starr added human error is not the only common cause for the data storage process to go awry, with hardware/software failure also high on the list of causes of failure.

A lack of necessary applications to read files can also be a hindrance to the data storage process, as while companies must invest in storing their information effectively, it is also important to have processes and technologies in place to read this data once it has been stored, or how else would businesses know what is saved in their archives?

Businesses that keep their archived files in a different format to those used for day-to-day activities could also face difficulties in converting this information from one format to the other.

Finally, natural disaster was highlighted as a reason for prolonged data loss for firms, but Mr Starr argued the risks of this impacting a business can be reduced if managers ensure multiple copies of files are stored at separate locations.

It is wise to choose a data recovery company who has a track record in recovering from the type of data loss you have experienced.

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