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Games developers ‘hold big data insights for firms’

Companies keen to leverage the benefits of improved big data management should take a leaf from the book of top games developers.

This is the view of former Gartner business intelligence veteran James Richardson, who told CBR Online that chief information officers (CIOs) need to deploy considerably more resources to assess and understand the vast amounts of information they hold on their customers.

He cited the games industry as being particularly efficient in this area, as developers can “live or die” based on the experiences and feedback of the users of their products.

Instances in which games companies utilise big data include examining areas where their players find games difficult or when individuals are turning off. This can be effectively translated into the IT departments of all major businesses to allow them to streamline their systems, but only if sufficient attention is given to mining the data.

“It’s very true that CIOs are struggling with it – it’s only useful if you’ve got a team that’s going to learn through play,” Mr Richardson said. “A lot of the gaming firms are very non-traditional in how they’re set up, and CIOs can learn from that.”

The use of democratised big data is one approach businesses could adopt, as this entails funnelling large unstructured data streams into more manageable and smaller sets.

For example, he cited the team of analysts at online entertainment business King.com who, instead of focusing on the more than two billion rows of player data they accumulate each day, isolate a few million rows and looks for trends within this representative sample.

Big data can be extremely complex for many firms, with millions of pieces of information on which to base business decisions. However, by utilising these tactics, companies can make greater sense of the information they hold.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/games-developers-hold-big-data-insights-for-firms160.aspx

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