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Growth in personal devices at work

Businesses are running an increasing risk of data breaches as a result of the growing number of employees that are using personal devices for work.

New figures published by Gartner have shown that as many as 40 per cent of employees of large enterprises in the US now utilise a personally owned laptop, desktop computer or smartphone for work purposes and this is a trend that is increasingly taking hold in the UK as well.

Amanda Sabia, principal research analyst at Gartner, commented: “The lines between work and play are becoming more and more blurred as employees choose to ‘use their own device’ for work purposes whether sanctioned by an employer or not.”

Not only does this mean that firms could be running the risk of security breaches through the connection of unsanctioned devices to their networks, they may also be more likely to require data recovery services in the event that a mobile device is lost or stolen.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/growth-in-personal-devices-at-work875.aspx

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