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Power outages ‘should be prepared for’

Companies wishing to have the necessary means processes in place to offset downtime caused by an outage of power must be proactive in their stance on disaster recovery (DR), a sector expert has claimed.

Business continuity planning and data recovery measures should be at the forefront of company DR planning, according to Ray Emirzian, vice president of operations and product management at B2B software firm docSTAR.

He argued there are four main areas that firms should focus on in order to be fully prepared for a power outage crisis – personnel, data, compliance and testing.

Staff members must be trained to act quickly in the event of unexpected downtime, moving to contact other sites or areas of a business to inform them of the setback.

Plans should also be put in place to identify where all business-critical documents and files are stored, as when systems become operational once more these will be the items most in need of swift recovery.

It is also essential for businesses to plan ahead and to fully understand their legal and regulatory obligations in the event of a crisis.

Finally, regularly test all DR plans to ensure they fulfil the needs of the whole company – many businesses fall down at this final step, as while they may have an effective DR plan in place on paper, it has never been tested and may therefore not work as expected.

“Take the time to calculate how much you could lose with just one to two days of downtime, and then compare this to the cost of aggressively managing your DR plan,” Mr Emirzian concluded. “Take the time to discuss what your current plan is, train your employees – and then test it out. If it works, you will sleep well knowing that your data is protected.”

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