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UK cloud adoption rate ‘will hit 90% in 2015’

The speed of cloud adoption among UK enterprises will accelerate over the next 12 months, according to a new forecast.

On Monday (December 8th), the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) published a report predicting that the country’s cloud penetration rate will hit 90 per cent in 2015, introducing fresh challenges for firms when it comes to managing key data.

This represents an increase of 12 percentage points on 2014, with CIF figures showing that 78 per cent of British businesses currently use cloud services.

The report added that the scale of cloud deployments will also grow, with enterprises shifting more mission-critical data to off-premise infrastructure and adding new solutions from different vendors to the mix.

Of the nine in ten UK organisations CIF expects to have started to use the cloud by the end of 2015, some 60 per cent will wrap up the year with two or more services in active use.

According to Alex Hilton, the group’s chief executive, the end of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will play no small part in the trend.

Businesses are coming up to what might be “the most significant IT refresh of the 21st century to date”, he said, and cloud solutions should present a compelling substitute for fresh on-premise infrastructure.

“Some customers will take the opportunity to move the server workloads to cloud services, some will undertake a rudimentary incremental upgrade and others will take the opportunity to refine their IT strategy,” Mr Hilton commented.

He added: “Doing nothing is not a viable option.”

A separate report from Eurostat this week indicated that one in five EU firms have adopted cloud solutions, primarily for email services and file storage.

Lack of knowledge was highlighted as the biggest barrier to cloud adoption, with 42 per cent of non-users citing poor understanding of how managing off-premise infrastructure differs to conventional IT deployments.

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