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Understand the importance of encryption

Encryption can play a crucial role in protecting business-critical and sensitive customer information, but companies must understand how to get the best out of this form of essential data protection measure.

Adrian Briscoe wrote for Dynamic Business that the important distinction that needs to be made clear regarding data encryption for firms is that the technology will not prevent users from accessing information, but what it will do is prevent them from making sense of it unless they have the necessary decryption key.

It is therefore a tool that cannot prevent the dissemination of stolen or lost files, but it will ensure this data cannot be used for ill purposes.

“Encryption is becoming an increasingly common tool among businesses that want to protect their most sensitive files,” he argued.

“It is also popular as a way of securing content stored on external drives and portable devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, all of which are more susceptible to loss or damage.”

Mr Briscoe added, however, that due to the complexity of the encryption process, one of the few drawbacks of the system emerges when it comes to the issue of data recovery and retrieving information that may have become lost or corrupted.

This process can be more time consuming when information has been encrypted and therefore engineers at Kroll Ontrack have designed a new decryption technology specifically aimed at facilitating a swifter recovery of data for firms in this position.

It works by only targeting those areas of a hard drive that have been filled with data, ensuring all relevant information can be retrieved, but at a much faster rate.

Overall, encryption remains a strong means for preventing the leak of sensitive business files, but ultimately companies need to ensure they are well positioned to recover this data during times of emergency.

Complex data recovery requires expertise. Speak to the data recovery industry pioneers at Kroll Ontrack for free advice to investigate options to recover from any data loss type, system or cause.

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