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3 quick tips to remember when purchasing an external hard drive

Anyone thinking about buying themselves a secure and reliable external hard drive will probably go for an SED (Self-Encrypting Drive).

  1. These drives have the option of setting a password to be entered in order to access the data stored within. Bear in mind that the data on the disk is encrypted even when no password has been set.
  2. Even if a malicious program attempts bypass the protection to gain access to the data, it will fail as the data on the disk is stored encrypted. The encryption key is randomly generated by the technology of the disk itself and is known only by the disk controller meaning it’s impossible to crack.
  3. Another feature of the disk is the option to quickly and permanently delete the data stored on the disk by instructing the encryption key to be forgotten, which is also known as ATA Security Erase.

However when all said and done, you should still be wary of using such a disk as a backup. As the encryption key is known only by the controller, if it fails or is deliberately lost, all the data on the disk is lost, and no data recovery company exists that would be able to recover the data.

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