Data erasure solutions

We provide a full range of data erasure solutions to fit the needs of your business – from do-it-yourself erasure software and hardware to secure erasure services, as well as expert erasure verification services.

Software erasure solutions

Ontrack's approved software solutions permanently remove data from IT assets such as PCs, servers, enterprise storage systems and smart phones. As a result, devices are then able to be securely reused, resold or recycled after the data erasure process securely overwrites the data and a tamper-proof report has been produced.

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Drive Eraser Smartphone Eraser Removable Media Eraser File Eraser LUN Eraser Erasure Toolkit Erasure Management Console Hosted Erase

Why choose erasure software?


Destroys data from all storage media

HDD, SDD, Flash, Mobile, Cloud, Virtual, RAID, LUN

Detailed data erasure reports

Tamper-proof reports to prove successful erasure and comply with legal auditing requirements.

Fully certified


Cost effective

Customize your license to meet your storage and data requirements. Pay only for what you need to erase.

Hardware erasure

Ensure total data destruction for hard drives and other magnetic media with the Ontrack Eraser Degausser.

Our solution can destroy end-of-life devices even if they are no longer operational.

How can the Degausser help you?

Erasure verification service

Is your data destruction method 100% effective? Submit your erased drives to Ontrack and our data recovery specialists will examine it to make sure they are completely free of remaining data. Gain client confidence by providing a third-party verified data destruction process.
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The Erasure Verification Process

Companies and government agencies are implementing strict data security policies due to the increase of data breaches and publicized stories of misplaced storage media. Erasure verification should be an essential step in any data security practice. Verifying in-house processes adds security and peace of mind when repurposing or disposing of end-of-life media. 

Ontracks 4-Step Process listed below ensures secure, confirmed data erasure:

  • Device Preparation
  • Santization Procedure
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Detailed Report

Download this document to learn more about our Erasure Verification process!

Ontrack Data Erasure Partners

Ontrack is a best of breed data erasure solution provider, leveraging our own proprietary solutions and partnerships with industry leaders to ensure we exceed customer expectations. 

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