A better way to search and restore SharePoint databases.

Find, recover and restore content such as documents, lists, libraries, folders or entire SharePoint Server sites with Ontrack PowerControls. There’s no need to have an expensive restoration server available; simply drag and drop data directly from your backups.

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint recovery is a forensically sound software tool that restores individual documents, lists, libraries and folders - or entire SharePoint sites.

Granularly search and restore mailboxes, messages, attachments and other items – without restoring the entire database.

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint Database Recovery and Restore

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint Product Features


Quickly search by keyword, subject, date, specific users or by file and attachment data.



Granularly restore content or whole SharePoint sites directly from backups or archive media. 



Collect documents created by a specific user or from a date range and export for legal requirements.



Consolidate your SharePoint items or sites by finding and moving them to new or alternate sites.


Enhanced features for Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint recovery.

Ontrack PowerControls Licensed Agents

Restore Data from RBS - Extend the granular search and restore functionality when leveraging Remote BLOB Store (RBS) solutions with the following optional Ontrack PowerControls add-ons:

Agent for Quest (Metalogix) StoragePoint
Agent for StorSimple Database Optimiser

Note: PowerPacks are available as a separately priced option for custom licenses.

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint

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Recover sharepoint data

Partnerships and API Integration


Resell to your customers.

  • Grow revenue while saving your customers time and money
  • Generous partner discounts
  • Resell on a project-by-project basis or to larger clients who manage their own data on-premises


Provide hosting services.

  • Rapidly recover items for your business customers and end users
  • Differentiate your service offerings with granular restore
  • Commercial unlimited use licenses


For eDiscovery service providers.

  • Extract items from backups for your client projects
  • Forensically sound with no impact to metadata
  • Commercial unlimited use licenses


For backup and storage OEMs.

  • Bundle with your data protection platform to provide item level granular restore
  • Licensing aligned to your business model
  • Option to integrate the API to run the Ontrack PowerControls libraries within your user interface

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Sharepoint Recovery Software.

Restoring a SharePoint site with traditional methods from a previous backup or snapshot takes time and costs money.

Ontrack PowerControls offers you a much better option: directly read the existing content of your databases from their backups, and search and restore only the elements or sites you need. Ontrack PowerControls saves you a significant amount of time and eliminates the need for a dedicated recovery server.

Powertcontrols for Sharepoint Recovery FAQs

Powercontrols for Sharepoint FAQs

How do I recover a deleted file in SharePoint using PowerControls?

How do I restore a SharePoint site with PowerControls?

How do I restore folders in SharePoint?

How do I restore a list in SharePoint?

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