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When your normal availability of Veeam backup data starts having issues, things can get tight fast. We know how important your backups are and can help you recover and rescue your data.

  • Have you suffered hardware damage and no longer have access to your Veeam backup data?
  • Have your VBK files been deleted by mistake?
  • Is there a problem with restoring your Veeam Backup files?
  • Have you fallen victim to ransomware and lost your Veeam Backup files?

To avoid the risk of an IT disaster, Ontrack employs advanced techniques to repair, restore, and reconstruct Veeam backups that have become inaccessible.

Ontrack's global team has years of experience and training, a variety of proprietary tools, and expertise gained by working with virtual machine software vendors and hardware OEMs who also recommend our services.

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Common causes of data loss from Veeam virtual machine backups.

There are many causes of data loss. Fortunately, Ontrack has expertise in recovering data from the following situations, among others.

  • Hardware failures of backup servers such as NAS or SAN systems
  • Hard disk failures of external drives and RAID systems
  • Formatting of LTO tape backups
  • Deleted or encrypted backup server partitions
  • Factory reset on a network attached storage (NAS) system
  • Accidentally deleted Veeam backup files
  • Corruption in Veeam VBK and VIB backup files
  • Overwritten data after an erroneous backup restore
  • Faulty incremental files and restore points
  • Incomplete or faulty restore of virtual machines
  • Merging of faulty Veeam full and incremental backup files
  • Faulty tape backups

How fast do you need your data back?

We understand the urgent need to recover data and offer service levels to meet your needs.


Average of 7-14 business days


Average of 2-5 business days


24/7 Until Completion
At each service level our engineers analyze your media to determine the condition of the data. You will be provided an option to receive an online report showing all recoverable files before you decide to proceed with the recovery. After your data is recovered, it's returned on an encrypted external USB drive or made available for encrypted download from a secure server.


Why is backup and recovery important?

The most valuable and important thing in today's business environment is data.

Backup is usually only resorted to after primary data failures in order to restore an earlier point in time with a copy of the data. According to Veeam's Data Protection Reports, four out of ten physical servers experience at least one failure per year. Generally, however, only one in two backup and restore operations works completely. The complexity of IT environments is constantly increasing, along with environmental disasters, power outages, and the growing threat of cyberattacks. Staff shortages and human error add to the problem. Three out of four companies recorded a ransomware attack last year. About a third of the companies that paid the hackers were unable to access their data. The average downtime was generally two weeks.

Source: 2021 + 2023 Veeam Data Protection Report, 2022 Veeam Ransomware Trends Report


What are the types of Veeam backups?

There are three backup types that Veeam uses:

Veeam Backup Chart

Full Backup

A full backup to a VBK file is where at least one file is used for full block copies for virtual machines. Multiple VMs can also be stored in one backup.


Incremental Backup

An incremental backup to VIB files copies only the blocks of data that have changed since the last incremental backup. For a restore of the data at a certain point of time it needs the correct sequence from the last VBK Full Backup with all incremental VIB files.

Synthetic Full Backup

The synthetic full backup is created by reading the full backup contained in the VBK file and the incremental backups to create a full backup file. To restore the data, you only need the last synthetic full backup.

What else should you consider when setting up your Veeam backup?

The security of the backed up virtual machines as well as the location where the Veeam backups are stored are influenced by other factors such as:

Storage Management

  • NAS Setup
  • Microsoft Storage Spaces
  • Microsoft Deduplication
  • Microsoft Dynamic Disk / LDM (Logical Disk Manager)


  • Virtual Machines like VMWare VMDK- or Microsoft Hyper-V VHD/VHDX files
  • Raid Arrays and LUNs
  • iSCSI files
  • NAS Systems through network share
  • Block storage
  • LTO or other Tape media

File Systems

  • Microsoft NTFS + ReFS
  • NetApp WAFL
  • Linux EXT3/EXT4 + BTRFS are the usual NAS filesystems
  • SAN Systems use proprietary file system setups

Veeam Backup data recovery options.

Whether your device has suffered physical damage or undergone a logical failure, we offer you a range of services to match your specific needs.

Our experts are on-hand and will respond to your issue immediately. From assisting with troubleshooting to onsite recovery, our wide range of expert recovery options will ensure you receive the very best solution to solve your RAID data loss problem.

In-lab RAID Data Recovery

The recovery option supports any RAID system, no matter what data loss situation has been experienced. This recovery service is provided in our state-of-the-art data recovery lab and ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environment to ensure the safety of your data.

Remote Veeam Data Recovery

Your data is recovered remotely without your media ever leaving your premises. We connect to your system via the Internet to perform a live recovery. Available when the storage device or system is still operational.

Custom Veeam Data Recovery

We offer custom-designed recovery solutions for proprietary RAID systems and/or highly complex enterprise-level systems. Our R&D team will work with your IT staff to create an emergency solution to retrieve your data.

Veeam Data Recovery Expert

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Your data in safe hands - Advanced Information Security.

Given the nature of our business, we have been entrusted with large amounts of sensitive and confidential information by our clients and understand that security is increasingly important to today's businesses. We invest significant time and money to protect your most sensitive electronically stored information (ESI).

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  • Secure data centers
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