According to Cybersecurity Ventures predictions, a new business was victim to ransomware every 11 seconds back in 2021 and will continue to rise the next years and reach every two seconds by 2031.

When time is of the essence and next steps are uncertain, organizations should consult with the experienced professionals at Ontrack to determine their best course of action.


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Stop ransomware and recover your data

If your organization might be affected by ransomware:

  • Contain the attack by disconnecting infected machines from the network. 
  • Contact us as early as possible. Our team will provide a free consultation and advise on options for data recovery and how to prevent further potential data loss. 
  • Avoid do-it-yourself attempts to decrypt the affected data. Doing so could make future recovery attempts impossible.

What to do when you’re under a ransomware attack

If you find yourself infected by ransomware, you need first to find out what kind of ransomware it is before moving forward.

If you can’t get past a ransomware note on your screen, you probably have been infected by screen-locking ransomware. If you can browse through your apps but can’t open your files, movies etc., you have been hit with encrypting ransomware – the worst scenario of the two. If you can navigate your system and read all your files, then you have probably hit with a fake version of ransomware that is just trying to scare you into paying. To better understand what to do when you’re hit with both screen-locking and encrypting ransomware, we recommend the blog What is ransomware, and how do you prevent it?

Even with the best precautions and policies in place, you may still suffer from an attack. In the event your data is held hostage by Ransomware, we recommend the following:


Remain calm. Rash decisions could cause further data loss

For example, if you discover an infection and suddenly cut power to a server, versus powering it down properly, you could lose data in addition to the infected data.


Never pay the ransom because attackers may not unlock your data

There are many cases of victims paying the ransom demanded and not receiving their data back in return. Rather than running this risk, companies should work with data recovery experts who may be able to regain access to data by reverse-engineering the malware.


Check your most-recent set of backups

If they are in-tact and up-to-date, the data recovery becomes easier to restore them to a different system.


Contact an expert to explore recovery options

An expert data recovery specialist will examine your scenario to see if they have a solution already in place; if not, they should be able to develop one in time.

Data recovery experts are ready to help.

Ontrack has developed a specialized collection of proprietary tools to recover data from ransomware-encrypted systems, virtual machines, backup files, tapes and other storage media. With labs located around the world, help is available 24/7 from our knowledgeable team with vast experience in all types of data loss situations.



  • 130+ Decrypters
  • Specialized collection of proprietary tools developed to recover data encrypted by ransomware


File Recovery

  • Virtual Disk Repair
  • Database Repair
  • Backup File Repair


Volume Recovery

  • All type supported (SAN, NAS, Server)
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • Copy On Write File Systems (NetApp WAFL, ZFS, etc.)


Backup Recovery

  • Full Tape Support (LTO, DLT, etc.)
  • Veeam Specific Tools (deleted and encrypted files)
  • All Backup Formats (Commvault, TSM, Networker, etc.)

Recovery Process Overview

Though each ransomware incident is unique and varies in complexity, data recovery is possible. Success depends on the type of payload that has been executed, the hardware it has affected, and the initial actions taken upon discovery.



Immediate phone consultation with data recovery specialists.



Media is evaluated to determine what files can be recovered.



Recovery carried out by our expert data recovery engineers.



Data is recovered remotely or returned on encrypted media.

Why Choose Ontrack?

Ontrack is the only solution provider with custom tools and development capabilities to support all types of data loss scenarios. We offer free ransomware consultations with our experienced engineering team​.


Global Locations


Recovery Labs


Data Centers

Top Ransomware Threats to Your Organization in 2021

  • Maze
  • REvil
  • Tycoon
  • TrickBot
  • Qakbot trojan
  • PonyFinal
  • Mailto (aka Netwalker Ransomware)
  • Ragnar Locker
  • Zeppelin
  • TFlower
  • MegaCortex
  • ProLock
  • DoppelPaymer
  • Thanos

If you find yourself under attack from ransomware, contact the experts at Ontrack to help you gain access to your data.

Ransomware data recovery is possible

Current Ransomware Trends


The number of attacks is down, but the severity, size and payments for each attack are up​.


Only 50% of the victims that pay the ransom are able to decrypt all of their critical files.


Attacks are targeting file shares, critical infrastructure and backups including cloud​.


Cyber Insurance is paying a significant number of claims including data recovery​.

Ransomware data recovery expertise

Ransomware FAQ's

Can Ontrack recover from a server infected with ransomware?

Our virtual machine is infected with ransomware. Can Ontrack help?

What is ransomware?

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How are ransomware attacks performed?

How much does ransomware cost an organization?

How does ransomware spread, and do you get infected by ransomware?

Ransomware Webinar

This webinar, co-hosted with NetApp, details how to mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack, why and when to involve a data recovery company, and how Ontrack can help.

This 45-minute webinar covers:

  • The history and evolution of ransomware
  • The scale of the current ransomware threat - including the results of a recent Ontrack investigation
  • Success stories of data recovery following a ransomware attack
  • Find out how NetApp can help prevent ransomware attacks
  • How to recover data from point of infection from a snapshot
  • Scenarios that lead to successful recovery
  • Levels of effort and difficulty depending on the ransomware


Ransomware Case Studies

Ontrack delivers world-class data recovery for all types of storage including: hard drives, SSD, servers, NAS, SAN, virtual machines, cloud, mobile devices and tape.

Why Ontrack?


Flexible Payment Options

We understand data recovery is often an unexpected need, which is why we offer extended payment plan options through Affirm. 

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Ontrack offer's flexible service offerings to meet your unique needs and budgetary considerations. Our experts are on standby 24/7/365.

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We want you to have control over your data recovery process. You'll know exactly what can be recovered before paying.

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Backed by the world’s largest R&D team, we have the knowledge and ability to address your unique data recovery needs.

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