Struck with ransomware and can’t access your data? We understand your concerns. Our engineering experts will work with you to recover your data as quickly as possible.

Our number one goal is to support you in your efforts to return to business-as-usual after a ransomware attack. While no two ransomware cases are the same, Ontrack has success in recovering from all types of ransomware cases.

Expert ransomware attack data recovery.

Understanding Ransomware: There are three main types of ransomware.


The simplest form of ransomware. These consist of fake applications or programs that mostly come as fake anti-virus or clean-up software.



Lock-screen Viruses

The second-most dangerous ransomware type. When infected, the virus locks the user’s computer and displays a full-size window with a message that a cybercrime was perpetrated on this PC. The user must pay a ransom to unlock the computer.



Encryption Ransomware

The most dangerous ransomware type. After gaining access to the victim’s computer, the attacker infiltrates the computer’s data and file structure to encrypt every file and folder on the computer.


Next steps in recovery from ransomware attack.


Remain calm. Rash decisions could cause further data loss.


Check your most-recent set of backups.


Never pay the ransom because attackers may not unlock your data.


Contact a specialist for advice and to explore recovery options.

Every day there is new information on ransomware and the impact it is having globally. The news is frightening, and concerns are growing.

No organization is safe from malware, and it is impacting local/state and federal governments, small to large global business and profit and non-profit organizations. The more information that we have on the subject will allow us to prepare better and prevent an attack from happening.

Ontrack has created important information that will educate you on the statistics and how to avoid ransomware within your organization.

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Ransomware data recovery


Visit the Ransomware Recovery Knowledge Base for all Ontrack resources related to ransomware data recovery.

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Visit the Ransomware Recovery Knowledge Base


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Ontrack is uniquely qualified to recover data affected by ransomware. Our decades of experience with malware-infected and corrupted file systems combined with our custom-developed software enables us to recover data considered to be “unrecoverable.”

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Ransomware Webinar

This webinar, co-hosted with NetApp, details how to mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack, why and when to involve a data recovery company, and how Ontrack can help.

This 45-minute webinar covers:

  • The history and evolution of ransomware
  • The scale of the current ransomware threat - including the results of a recent Ontrack investigation
  • Success stories of data recovery following a ransomware attack
  • Find out how NetApp can help prevent ransomware attacks
  • How to recover data from point of infection from a snapshot
  • Scenarios that lead to successful recovery
  • Levels of effort and difficulty depending on the ransomware

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