Complete peace of mind

Developed as a total data destruction solution, the Ontrack® Eraser Degausser  is a DIY hardware solution for large volumes of damaged or end-of-life magnetic media.

Our solution gives you peace of mind that your sensitive information has been completely destroyed.

Why choose Ontrack® Eraser Degausser


Destroys 100% of data with powerful 18,000 gauss magnetic field


Each storage device takes less than 4 seconds to process.


Completely destroys all magnetic devices, even if they are damaged.

Key features

  •  Standalone reporting moduleff
  •  Fully integrates with the Blancco Management Console
  •  Erase a drive every four seconds; up to 250 drives per hour
  •  Securely erases both hard drives and tapes
  •  Devices rendered completely inoperable after use
  •  One year warranty (or max 20,000 cycles) included as standard
  •  Flight case included
  •  Remote control included
  •  Does not overheat

Dimensions: 455mm x 702mm x 268mm
Weight: 72kg

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