Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Kroll Ontrack signs licensing agreement with U.S. joint forces command

Ontrack® Powercontrols™ mailbox recovery software provides USJFCom with the ability to search and restore e-mail quickly and cost-efficiently

MINNEAPOLIS – Oct. 28, 2003 – Kroll Ontrack Inc., provider of Ontrack Data Recovery™ products and services and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (NASDAQ: KROL), announced today a licensing agreement with the U.S. Joint Forces Command that will provide Ontrack® PowerControls™ mailbox recovery software to USJFCOM’s headquarter operations in Norfolk, Va.

PowerControls addresses the difficulties associated with restoring e-mail from full backups by quickly restoring individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments and other elements from existing backup Microsoft Exchange Server database (.EDB) files. The product provides IT managers with a powerful tool that slashes restore time and eliminates brick level backups, resulting in significant cost- and time-savings.

As regulatory demands for recovering e-mail increase, it is essential that organizations like USJFCOM have the ability to meet these requests in a timely fashion. By implementing Ontrack PowerControls into their system, USJFCOM can save a significant amount of time managing information and focus on the more important task of enhancing their capability to educate, train and improve the U.S. military.

“As the proven leader in data recovery services, Ontrack is dedicated to providing IT professionals with software and services that can help them manage data effectively and be more resourceful for their clients,” said Jim Reinert, director, Ontrack Data Recovery. “We’re confident PowerControls will be a valuable tool for the USJFCOM, helping them utilize time and maximize production.”

Ontrack recently released PowerControls version 2.0, which offers enhanced searching capabilities, support for Exchange Server 2003, Exchange server log files and new ExtractWizard agents that make PowerControls a more versatile tool. Ontrack® PowerControls™ is available by calling Ontrack at 1-800-872-2599 or online at www.ontrack.com.

About PowerControls
PowerControls helps solve the increased storage management needs of IT by offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for mailbox recovery. With an Advanced Find feature, administrators can save time by searching across all mailboxes in an archive .EDB file, quickly locating and restoring the requested data. PowerControls also features a new, powerful and easy to use tool called the “ExtractWizard,” which allows users to restore an online backup to any alternate location that is not an Exchange server. The PowerControls ExtractWizard is designed to work together with existing Exchange backup software. The feature eliminates the need for a duplicate Exchange Server, otherwise known as a Recovery Server, to perform the restore of an online backup.

About Kroll Ontrack Inc. Kroll Ontrack Inc. provides Ontrack Data Recovery services and software and electronic evidence solutions to help individuals, companies, law firms and federal agencies quickly and cost-effectively recover electronic information. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (NASDAQ: KROL), the world's leading risk consulting company. Formerly known as ONTRACK Data International, Inc., Kroll Ontrack operates as Kroll's "Technology Services Group," one of five businesses dedicated to providing clients worldwide with practical, integrated solutions to mitigate risk.

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